Coke’s Not So Bad After All…

So after finishing my dance class, I popped to the Woolies to get something healthy for dinner. I love sparkling water but decided to get something a bit more flavourful and decided to check out the Woolies smoothies, which were looking very tasty after an hour’s exercise.

20111020-055820.jpgA while ago I was watching Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and Janice Street-Porter had explored smoothies to see just how ‘healthy’ they really were. Her results showed that most smoothies were more sugary than fizzy cooldrinks and were worse for you because all the pulp had been removed (slows digestion, therefore, sugar release). So for shits and giggles I decided to do the same in the Woolies.


The result?! Smoothies contain WAY more energy / kjs than Coke a Cola, both in ratio AND in quantity. Coke = 180kj, smoothie = 286kjs / 100mls. This is crazy. It is literally better for me to drink a can of Coke than a smoothie. Yes, smoothies have vitamins that Coke does not, but who cares! I just sweated my ass off in a dance class for an hour! There’s no way I’m drinking all that hard work back on again…

Moral of the story? Stick with what you know…hello sparkling water…

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