#CapeTown’s Best DJs Rock #MCQP

Cape Town happens to be the gay capital of Africa and we’re damn proud of it! Having a rich culture of gay and lesbian men and women, transgender men and women, bixsexual men and women, Cape Town proudly represents and fights for the sexual freedom of all (wo)mankind. In celebration for these rights, MCQP is hitting the Mother City on December 17th!

The Mother City Queer Project is holding it’s 18th event but don’t think that MCQP is only for those who your old school parents are scared of, MCQP is for EVERYONE who loves a PHAT party and great music. This year the beats for MCQP will be rocked by Cape Town’s finest DJs including Techno DJ Anthea Scoltz, pop house duo Good Luck, Drum n Bass poster boy Niskerone, House legend Crazy White Boy as well as Psy-trance DJs The Commercial Hippies, to name a few. With NINE dance floors, 3 stages with live music from Lu Chase and Odidiva, 3 “experiential” areas,

So if you’ve ever been curious about how much fun MCQP is, this year’s fancy dress theme is ‘Maid in China’, a great theme for guys and girls. So consider popping around to MCQP at the CTICC and smashing stereo types about straight people being wary of gay people!!! General Access tickets are available from Computicket for R260 or VIP for R480.

Here’s the FULL LINE UP for each dance floor:

1. Live Bands:

Swing Tings FT. Lu Chase
DJ Lt. Fizzer

2. Dubstep/Electro:

Josh Borril
Riot Squad
Pascal & Pearce

3. Main House Floor:

Gio Ricca
Digital Divas
Dean fuel
DJ Blaine
Ryan Dent

4. Cabaret

Drag Artists T.B.A.

5. Disco:

DJ Neil Owens
DJ Sam Roy
The Popsicle LIVE
Juke box hero’s

6. Trance:

Gokon Rave
The Commercial Hippies

7. Hot House Foam Dance Floor:


8. Tech House/Techno:

Monique Pascall
Killer Robot
Anthea Scholtz
Floyd Lavine

9. VIP

Lisa J Ft. Isaac Maine
Nick Matthews Ft. Act Live
Tommy Gun
Midnight Men

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