UFO’s visit Cape Town! 2012 The End is Nigh LOL

Ok forget all that 2012 mumbo jumbo but it is kinda cool that UFO’s were spotted over the Mother City tonight, If you are especially paranoid then that might be enough to trigger you into buying thousands of cans of food and making a house underground much like that Chicken Licken ad but I’m happy to die in the apocolypse, I’m sure being exploded by atomic warfare really doesn’t hurt so I’m going to keep the party above ground for as long as possible.

The TV show Ancient Aliens equally intrigues me as annoys me as I spend my Sundays trying to figure out, ” What do these cryptic messages MEAN?! WHY were they living underground?! Is it a wormhole.” etc. So I’m not going to over think this. Do I believe in aliens, yes.

SO back to Cape Town and the UFOs. I managed to pick up a few comments about UFOs being spotted over Tygerberg Hill this past evening around 22:45pm. Here are the tweets themselves, make of them what you like 🙂

*fade in Twilight Zone music*

The next blocks have to be read in ‘reverse’ due to the nature of Twitter’s posting feed.

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