Who Remembers Dial a Dop? Gotta Love E-Booze Delivery!

Who remembers Dial a Dop? It was the best number I was ever given! Back in 2000 when I was Matric, some how, some where along the way, I was given the telephone number for the most epic service ever – Dial a Dop. Midnight and ran out of booze? Sunday and ran out of booze? 4am and ran out of booze? No sweat! Just ring Dial a Dop and Bob’s Your Uncle, booze delivered to your door, any time, any where. Was it legal? Probably not! Which is probably why they seem to have dropped off the radar!

BUT there’s a good solution. Welcome e-Booze! Whilst attending an album launch last year, the bar was supplied by e-Booze, a delivery / bar service that is legit and convenient. Although the event was held at a house, eBooze had a liquor licence and we were able to drink all night (paid not free) without any worries of complications.

Two months ago, I approached them to find out more and they offered to send me a voucher instead of a press release – my kinda business! So on Saturday I popped of to the Burlesque show in town but was catching up with friends later – with no booze! And I’d missed the bottle store. So I figured, ‘Ah, why not try e-Booze?!’

I took out my phone, registered on the site, placed my order and filled in my address. It was about 7:15pm and they wouldn’t accept my address in the Southern Suburbs because they only deliver until 8pm. That was my one hiccup, I thought it would be open far later than 8pm. None the less, I put my friends’ address in in Obz. I sent them a screen shot of my voucher and they delivered with the hour!

I wasn’t sure where to put the voucher number in actually on the site but then I saw they had instructed (on the actual voucher) to put the details in under the additional notes on the order page. I didn’t do this but they gave us our order discounted anyway as my friend had the screen shot of my voucher. Now THIS is my kind of service! Companies always want you to support them but then they make it as difficult as possible to receive the goods. If I can register and order on my phone, sitting in my car, 10 suburbs from my house, to deliver to a friend’s house, therefore editing the address, forget to add my voucher number but have proof and they’re still happy to deliver, then that’s a top business!

Of course the prices are slightly more expensive than the bottle store but if you’re ordering after hours and getting it delivered then it’s to be expected. A 6 pk of Hunters was just under R50 and the Black Labels were just over R40 – slightly more expensive but TOTALLY reasonable!!!

I give 10 points to e-Booze for servicing Cape Town. With road blocks cracking down HARD, the house party is coming back into fashion, making eBooze a win! My only question is – will they be delivering after 8pm any time soon? I hope so! Because house parties usually go all night long! 😉 Follow e-Booze on Twitter to keep in touch…



  • Wild Frank says:

    Not much point, then. Might as well pop across the road to a real bottle store with a wider range of wines and spirits. Where they do really well, though, is with their range of craft beers and craft ciders. They have a wider range of those than any bottle store, so it’s worth using them if craft brew is what you’re after.

  • Thanks for taking the time to review us!

    We’re thrilled that you had an all round positive experience, albeit by proxy. 🙂

    With regard to our trading hours, unlike Dial-a-Dop, we are regulated by our liquor licence which only allows trade up until 20h00. Monday – Saturday. With liquor laws becoming more and more stringent and prohibitive daily, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to have those hours extended.

    Dial-a-Dop was targeted to the “been partying hard, running out of booze and there is no where else to get some” student market, whereas //eBooze is about convenience, service delivery and setting a new ‘click and drink’ trend. We’re very committed to becoming the first choice for people wanting to make bottle store purchases as opposed to reluctantly having to buy over-priced products because it’s too late to get to a regular bottle store.

    Thanks again for the support!

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