I’m Playing Farmer Brown For Spring :)

In the movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, Therapists suggest to their recovering addict patients to get a plant, if you can keep it alive then you can get a pet. If you can keep a pet alive THEN you’re ready for a relationship. Well this is absolute rubbish!

I’d say having a boyfriend is just about equal to having a cat on a physical level. You love them, they love you back. You love them too much, they run away! (Cats may scratch, men may stop calling, nearly feels the same!)

Now a plant: that’s a WHOLE other ball game! These plants are tricky buggers because they don’t communicate (10 points for men for at least attempting to communicate). Plants die, why??? Too much sun? Too little sun? Too much water? Not enough water? Too much space? Not enough space? How can I tell?!

So after many attempts to keep plants alive, I’ve managed to keep a few herbs alive during winter and recently attempted to plant seeds in time for spring. Well after 3 weeks I was pretty sure they were never going to arrive and that I’d reached a new feat – killing them before surface level! But alas no, it’s spring and they’ve sprung!!! Yippee!!!

Now let’s hope I can keep them alive and actually use them!



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