IKEA in South Africa

IKea bookshelfIKEA is a do-it-yourself furniture range that has taken the world by storm. Any young South Africans who have lived overseas are familiar with the brand and always feel pained upon returning to South Africa when their love for splashing out on IKEA on a Saturday morning is stumped. It’s just the way life goes, it’s just one of those things – until now.

I was very surprised to see a website pop up on Facebook over the weekend offering the service of shipping IKEA to South Africa. Nevada Furniture’s front page states,

“Nevada Furniture imports brand new Ikea products directly to South Africa. We do this by collecting orders from customers, after which we import the¬†products directly to South Africa once a month by the container load. We are in no way affiliated with Ikea, we simply shop on your behalf and import the products to South Africa. By combining orders from various customers we are capable of doing this in an affordable, secure and efficient manner.”

– Nevada Furniture home page.

I literally didn’t think I could say it any better myself! This is such great news as IKEA is “PIMP!” as we like to say. Check out the Nevada Furniture website and get shopping. Whoohoo! Affordable, fun, modern furniture is at our finger tips once again!

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