Pop Up Guard the Vintage Fashion Sale: 29 June 13

Guard the Vintage SaleVintage is NOT for me. I’m not saying there isn’t a single vintage item out there that I wouldn’t absolutely love but, generally, the Betty Crocket/”granny/grandpa”/Fresh Prince fashion trends aren’t for me. Having said that, that’s just me, I have lots of gorgeous skinny friends who wear clothes 3 sizes too big and look fabulous! Some things just work for different personalities. But because I love art, and I believe fashion to be an art form, I thought I’d share this event for those of you who know how to “make it work”.

Guard the Vintage is normally an online clothing store but this Saturday, June 29th, they’re having a pop up sale and shindig at the Circa hotel on the fore shore. From 9am – 4pm they will have clothing, shoes and accessories on sale.

So for those of you who are a little anxious about online shopping or havent’ had time to buy anything, grab your girlfriends and pop in on Saturday. I must say, (after saying I don’t like vintage!) I do really like Guard the Vintages’ bags!!!

  • When: June 29th, 9am – 4pm
  • Where: Circa Hotel, 12 Jetty Street (On the Square)
  • Why: Guard the Vintage sale for YOU!
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