REVIEW Cape Town Art Fair 2013

Red CubesI’m glad I attended the Cape Town Art Fair 2013 when I did (Friday afternoon) because I like a certain amount of physical and mental space when viewing art. I’m sure the festival became far more busy on the Saturday and Sunday so I was happy to have the physical space on Friday afternoon to absorb and consider the art unrushed.

Sadly, the Cape Town weather was pretty poor but the concept of the red cubes, of us being the content and the background changing to whatever the condition, worked perfectly. Grey skies couldn’t hold back the art fair’s representative piece although I’m sorry it was in the front of the venue instead of the back. I had to lie on the floor to get a lovely background instead of out houses, delivery vans and the stadium as a background LOL.

Cape Town Art Fair 2013The Cape Town Art Fair was well set out. I started from the bottom of the room and weaved my way up. There was an array of different art forms but big, thick paint strokes is my kind of art and I was more than satisfied. I found both artworks that I liked as well as for my partner who has a far more futuristic taste in art. Some of my favourites included the golf clubs with animal hoofs as heads, the graffiti artist’s woman’s face, the Carmel Gallery collection, the Barnard Gallery collection, Salon 91 black and grey dali future cube landscape picture (my description lol), the Ebony black and green photo range (I love black and green) and Donna McKeller’s house on the small hill with gloomy, stormy skies – it looked like houses in Springbok near to where I grew up. Unfortunately these images aren’t readily available for me to share with you.

BakeryMost people I know aren’t interested in viewing art because they either know little about it or don’t feel welcome. I hate this and always try to encourage others to visit and not be put off but, of course, upon entering we were met with sultry art PR agent types. I’ve learnt that it’s not the artists or the art that put people off, but their agents. I don’t know why they’re under the impression that art is an exclusive thing, that a dress code applies and it’s not for everyone but they couldn’t be more wrong. Art is designed to communication with ALL human spirits, not just those who have the bank account to purchase them. I wish they’d get that as I solely believe they’re the ones putting the audiences off. Rant over! Luckily, the staff of the Art Fair itself were very friendly and helpful.

IMG_0805 Cape Town Art Fair Video Installantion 2013Just ignore those people and support our local artists. There were more than a few interesting pieces all of which were created by very talented artists. There was even a video installation section which featured, what seemed like, CCTV footage. It was quite eery watching “tv” as though it were a regular channel. Rather invasive although intriguing. There was also coffee available and a treat stand. I saw one man eating some proper food but I could see how or where one ordered. I think more of the food art could have been made.

The good news is that Cape Town Art Fair is returning in February 2014. Do something different and support local talent.

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