Little Girls Say Fuck

Welcome to all the men searching for porn!

Yes, I know you’re searching for porn. In fact, I can see exactly what you’ve searched for, how old you are and where you’re from. Yeah, being a creepy phedo has it’s down side.

I know that most of you are between the ages of 18 – 24. Followed by the 25 – 34 age group. (Sis guys, you grew up with sisters!)

I know most of you are from Cape Town, then Karachi (who knew porn was even legal in Pakistan?!), as well as Kolkata, Guwahati and Pune. THREE CITIES IN INDIA ALL searching for small girls and porn.

I recommend you adjust your searches guy and then get a psychologist. Child porn is NOT ok!

Good luck…

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Random story time!

When Mr John and I were in Luton, a small airport town near London, we went to the McDonalds’ for a quick lunch. The restaurant was pretty crazy; packed with school kids, but we managed to find a quiet table upstairs. I sat down “back to back” with 2 little girls.

As we were eating, we could hear them talking (our heads were less than half a meter away) and I randomly tuned in to what they were saying. Thinking I would hear darling little British accents, I was taken aback to hear the most foul language!

“I was thinking, what the f*ck?! And she doesn’t even pay her rent!” I heard one say.

I was shocked!

The tiniest, cutest little girl in the world, sat behind me swearing her head off and talking about some lady not paying the rent. SHEESH! Talk about kids being impressionable! She seemed to be “cutting and pasting” everything she’d heard her Mother say (or some other impressionable adult) and continued to blab this news to her babysitter (or whoever the accompanying adult was).

It was totally bizarre, especially in such a young squeaky voice!

Fast forward a few months, and this video was just launched by a YouTube channel/campaign. I thought swearing wasn’t for kids, but this video proves me wrong!

My Mom will be happy too – she’s thinks I’m the only one that owes the ‘swear jar’ a fortune, oops! Enjoy this video, I do feel the swearing proves the point…(maybe the McDonald’s kid has been watching this too!) #EISH.




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