Little Girls Say Fuck

I forgot to tell you! When Mr Love and I were in Luton, we went to the McDonalds’ for some lunch. The restaurant was pretty nuts but we managed to find a quiet table upstairs. I sat down back to back with 2 little girls. As we were eating, we could hear them talking (our heads were less than half a meter away, booth to booth) and I tuned in thinking they would be adorable little girls. Instead! They were saying, “I was thinking, what the f*ck?! And she doesn’t even pay her rent!” I began to think WTF! The tiniest, cutest little girl in the world sitting swearing her head off and talking about some lady not paying the rest. SHEESH! Talk about kids being impressionable! She was literally cutting and pasting everything she’d heard her Mother (or some adult say) and was talking and passing it off as her own. It was totally bizarre, especially in such a young squeaky voice!

Well, I thought swearing wasn’t for kids but this video might prove me wrong. My Mom will be happy too – she’s been holding the swear jar out to me since I went to boarding school in the nineties! Oops! But apart from the foul mouths, this does make a good point.

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