Europe Day 14: A Night Out with Goldie…

I have to be honest and say that the first time I came across Goldie it was in Snatch. I thought he was an awesome actor and continued to see him pop up here and there. When Mr John and I met and I was exposed to Drum n Bass I only then went on to learn about Goldie’s formidable career as a pioneer of DnB. Over the years I have come to learn and love his music, not because I have the world’s greatest DnB knowledge or context, but because his music is just beautiful.

Having learnt classical music through my childhood years and with my brother being a jazz musician, Goldie embodies the roots of these two genres of many of his songs. Perhaps that’s why I subconsciously like it, maybe it’s because it seems comforting or familiar to me. Who knows, but I do.

WKD LiquorWhen Mr John and I visited London in September, there was no question about whether we’d be going to Fabric to watch him at his label (Metalheadz) night. I geared up by buying my cheesey favourite British alcopop, WKD! This stuff is so good lol! It’s like blue energade, that’s fizzy, with vodka. Yum!

We headed to the famed London electronic club, Fabric and arrived early. While we were the oldies in the club and yet OH! SO POOR! It’s £4.50 for a cider and £4.50 for a tequila (and I get strange looks every time I order a shot!), we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Once I arrived I immediately started taking photographs, but the bouncer requested that I didn’t. Well I wasn’t going to mess with him. And while I never try to be disrespectful to artists who are performing, I’m secretly chuffed that I have them!

One of the best experiences, AS RANDOM as this is, was seeing his gold teeth! He has such a distinct image, it’s a delight when things are as you’d hoped they’d be. Sounds weird, but often things don’t live up to your expectation and it leaves you disappointed. Not this time!

Metalheadz at Fabric, London  Goldie at Metalheadz at Fabric

Drum n Bass has grown and blown in the Mother City over the last 2 decades. With the biggest acts coming like Pendulum and Adam F, support for the sub genre has been on the decline since Ultra and all the cheesy stuff has started to dominate popular culture. So I will always cherish this night at Fabric and seeing the amazing Goldie.

Metalheadz at Fabric

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