Brunch at Chez Elles in Bricklane, London

One night I was sitting enjoying the giggles with my friend Olive. Our other friend was getting super annoyed with us and kept crapping on us for making a slight noise after lights out. But you know how it is. The more you can’t giggle, the more you will. After numerous pleads to shut up (I think she was trying to study) she eventually came to the cubicle, ripped open the curtain and said, “While you two PLEASE SHUT THE F*CK UP!” (Which, of course, always turns into a mimicking session as the infuriated senior walks away.)

We could hear Bexter hump back into her bed, nattering under her breath when all of sudden a massive KA-BOOOOOM!!!!!! Resignated from her bedroom followed by the sweet, low sounds of, “Jesus Christ!” (Apologies for the swearing here.) Naturally Olive and I couldn’t resist absolutely LEAPING from the bed and rushing out into the passage to rip open Bexter’s curtain where we found her laying sprawled on her bed. One of the legs had collapsed leaving her semi tumbling out, head to the wooden floor, boobs a jiggle and shocked.

Back when I was a little shit in 1998.

While our fits of giggles increased. I lent over the bed and leant on the towel rail, positioned on the wall, to extend a hand and help her up. In doing do, the towel rail then proceeded to give in resulting in me basically body slamming onto the bed and nearly squashing Bexter at the same time. By this point Olive had erupted, causing half the dormitory to rush to the bedroom to see what had happened. They found us sprawled half upside down, unable to get up both from the angle and the fits of laughter.

Boarding school. Good times where you make good friends.

On this particular Sunday afternoon last year while on holiday, I had arranged to meet Bexter for lunch in trendy Bricklane in London. Mr Love and I made our way to a cafe called Chez Elles, which was more charming and delightful on the inside, than the outside appearance led to believe. Brick LaneCafe with a counter on the right and tables on the leftBexter was kind enough to order us a bottle of wine (thanks to those pounds she’s earning as a vet) and we caught up on the good old days and “what’s new”.

green wine bottle and 2 glasses of wineWe shared some beautiful food over our lunch. I’m an absolute sucker for terrine so I was pleased when Bexter and I shared a charcuterie board. We also shared the French toasted cheese Croque Monsieur, which is more like an American fried sandwich, except it has bechamel sauce on which was weird. I’ll have to have it again to really decide what I think of it. The charcuterie board was gorgeous though. Terrine and tried toast = YUM!

Chez Elle Charcuterie Boardfried french sandwich with a salad on a white plateAfter lunch we made our way around London and took in some of the quirky art and, always, historical buildings and monuments around the city. A simple and beautiful way to see markets and catch up with an old, beautiful friend. Sometimes I realise how much of my life I forget to think about. Days like this remind me of the fun that’s been had, the experiences that have been shared, and the history and loyalty that good friends can share with you.

Chez Elles

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