Brunch at Chez Elles in Bricklane, London

One late evening I was enjoying giggles with my friend, Olive, in boarding school. We were having a great time, but were rather disruptive to those around us. In particular, our mutual friend Rebecca.

After lights out, she kept scolding us for making a noise, which caused us to laugh even more. After numerous pleads for us to shut up Rebecca eventually came to my room, ripped open the curtain and said, “Would you two please SHUT THE F*CK UP?!”

As the stomping disappeared down the corridor, the humph of her jumping back into bed, nattering to herself as she went was suddenly followed by an almighty CRASH and a “Jesus Christ!”

Olive and I LEPT from my bed, rushed down the passage and ripped open Bexter’s curtain, only to find her sprawled out on her bed/floor. One of her bed legs had collapsed, leaving her tumbling out her bed in the dark.

In an attempt to help her up, I leant over on her clothing rail with a hand extended. The moment she grabbed it the clothing rail ripped out the wall and I went crashing onto the sunken bed myself, nearly squashing Bexter!

By this point Olive had absolutely erupted, half the dormitory came rushing into the room to see the fiasco with everyone in fits of laugher.

On this particular Sunday afternoon last year while on holiday, I had arranged to meet Bexter for lunch in trendy Bricklane in London. Mr Love and I made our way to a cafe called Chez Elles, which was more charming and delightful on the inside, than the outside appearance led to believe. Brick LaneCafe with a counter on the right and tables on the leftBexter was kind enough to order us a bottle of wine (thanks to those pounds she’s earning as a vet) and we caught up on the good old days and “what’s new”.

green wine bottle and 2 glasses of wineWe shared some beautiful food over our lunch. I’m an absolute sucker for terrine so I was pleased when Bexter and I shared a charcuterie board. We also shared the French toasted cheese Croque Monsieur, which is more like an American fried sandwich, except it has bechamel sauce on which was weird. I’ll have to have it again to really decide what I think of it. The charcuterie board was gorgeous though. Terrine and tried toast = YUM!

Chez Elle Charcuterie Boardfried french sandwich with a salad on a white plateAfter lunch we made our way around London and took in some of the quirky art and, always, historical buildings and monuments around the city. A simple and beautiful way to see markets and catch up with an old, beautiful friend. Sometimes I realise how much of my life I forget to think about. Days like this remind me of the fun that’s been had, the experiences that have been shared, and the history and loyalty that good friends can share with you.

Chez Elles

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