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Ok, so I’ve gone through the Farmville stage, gone through the Candy Crush phase, gone through the FB time line being flooded with babies and pets and I too, have fallen prey to over posting. Truthfully, no one wants to be that person who publishes 50 000 images of their pet on social media, but it’s easier said than done. The day you get a pet you realise just how gosh darn beautiful, gorgeous, ka-yooooooooooot, how they fill your heart with mushyness and love and before you know it, you’re a social over pet publisher. Eish.

Well now, have no fear! You can hang out with like minded people without pissed off each and every single Facebook friend of yours, without losing cred on Instagram (#CatsofInstagram & #DogsofInstagram is only cute every now and again) and have fun. Enter YUMMY PETS! The social Petwork!

My friend just started working on Yummy Pets and when she told me about it I didn’t have time to look at it until this long weekend (yipee!). And, oh my days, it’s FUN! It’s basically Facebook for pets. Now, wait, wait, wait. You’re thinking bad timelines algorythms and a lot of maintence. Think again. Yummy Pets is SUPER easy to use (if not too simple, wouldn’t mind the odd software upgrade actually), but keeping it simple is keeping it easy. Because, let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got TOO much time to ensure your pet’s online life is as awesome as yours!

Here’s how it works. Sign up for Yummy Pets:

Yummy Pets 1

Make a profile for your pet. (Yummy Pets is traditionally French so one or two things may still be in French. They’re busy ensuring it’s being totally converted to English currently. WIP)

Yummy Pets 3

Post a status about your cat or from you cat (I find it funnier from Yoda instead of from me). It’ll go onto your newsfeed where other pets can come read about you and give you treats as rewards for being so interesting and fun and cute!

Yummy Pets 4

Find other pets to befriend and follow. I love local pug Zuma who is already famous on Instagram. Join forums to ask questions and professionals will reply.

Yummy Pets 5

The app also works in real time and location. So you can find vets near your offices or home, etc.

Yummy Pets 2

Fill your life with a timeline of adorable pets and pet pen pals from across the globe.

My work colleague had a “famous” rat called Sparkles. I put famous in inverted commas cause Sparkles wasn’t like Pinky and the Brain of nuffink, but we had a great time getting to know her and SO many people, far and wide, came to know Sparkles until her unfortunate passing this winter. RIP.┬áSparkles had her own Twitter account and Instagram account, which may not have connected with fellow pet lovers as easily as they would have on Yummy Pets.

Horse, gecko, dog, cat, lizard, pig, WHATEVER your pet, join Yummy Pets and enjoy fuzzy cuteness from around the world, together!

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Thanks for signing up! PS We respect your privacy & will not sell your info onto 3rd parties.

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