Save a Fortune OFFLINE on Clear Make Up Organisers at Dischem

**Update 13th May 2016: Great news! I wrote to Dischem and their Category Manager has advised that, “these specific Acrylic Make up Organisers have been re ordered, PLUS some new models will be added”. These items are imported so stock with only arrive around July, but I’m totally fine with that cause they are so worth waiting for! YIPEEE! Thanks to Dischem for confirming and for their excellent customer service. 

*Update 10th May 2016:  A number of people tweeted me saying that couldn’t find any in Dischem stores. I went to Claremont, rang Cavendish and Blue Route and they were all sold out. I believe they said they were discontinued. SUPER frustrating as I need more myself! I found a website online that does bulk imports from China, I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought of trying to order some myself! If you happen to see this type of thing anywhere else, please do let me know so that we can all benefit. Thanks! – Meg 🙂 

I’ve REALLY been needing to upgrade my make up storage unit for some time, but you know beauty isn’t really my vibe. I started last year with some basic trays from Mumbos Plastic Warehouse (oh my God I love that place!), but it hasn’t quite been doing the trick. So I started shopping online (my 2015 obsession!) and was REALLY surprised at the cost of things! WOW! One South African site charged R800 and up for drawers, some R500. Surely this isn’t what this beauty stuff costs? So I slept on it just to make sure I REALLY wanted to buy one. Also – I thought they were made from perspex, but it’s acrylic apparently…(not really sure what the difference is but good to know).

mac Make Up tray

Fast forward a few days, I went to visit my friends around the corner. My friend Chetna is a total beauty guru. Her hubby (I am Phill Black) and I are trying to convince her to start her own beauty blog as I know she’d change the world! While, not quite, but she’s really good at beauty stuff! So when I went to visit I popped into her “women cave”, a glorious little dressing room FILLED with all stuff GIRL. From accessories, candles, starves, shoes, jewellery, nail polish, lights, camera, action, it’s all there! And, low and behold, she had an acyrlic drawer! Chets told me that you could buy them from Dischem for dirt cheap.

Perspex Make Up Trays

So back to the interwebs I went and couldn’t find them on their website at all. This is the problem when online shopping in South Africa, NOTHING is optimised so searching for stuff can be really difficult. Again, I left it as is, but when I next popped into Dischem I had my eye on the prize and WOW, she wasn’t kidding! I found some AWESOME trays for R100 a pop, one was even R50! What a WIN! Look, they won’t have glass handles or be the premium kind, but I’m sorry. I’d rather use the money on shoes or travelling than something that sits in my bathroom cupboard!

Dischem Perspex Make Up TraysDischem Perspex Make Up Trays

I used my make up wipes to clean down my make up. They had gotten all makeup dusty from my brushes, etc.

Dischem Perspex Make Up TraysDischem Perspex Make Up TraysDischem Perspex Make Up Trays

What I liked about them is that you can buy the levels separately. The different kinds easily fit into one another. The only thing you have to be careful of is picking them BOTH us at the same time if you want the whole ‘chest of draws’ on the counter. Otherwise, just pick the top up if you want.

Dischem Perspex Make Up TraysAcrylic makeup organiser

The morale of the story is; Yes, I ABSOLUTELY love the convenience of online shopping (but I’m also fussy and know exactly what I want, which makes it easier so you don’t get bogged down), BUT online shopping doesn’t always show you everything that’s available. So do your research as properly as you can – sometimes I even get Mr John to help me as he’s really good at Googling (yes, there is actually an art to it!).

So if you’re stuck for Xmas presents for a sister, Mom, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, keep Dischem in mind!

Dischem Perspex Make Up TraysDischem Perspex Make Up TraysDischem Perspex Make Up Trays


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