Instagram Husband TOO Funny

As a blogger, you need help every now and again. You ask people to take pictures for you to or hold something quickly or hang on 2 minutes while you throw this in the air to get the perfect shot. This spills into microblogging like Tumblr and even Instagram. On E Entertainment show Fashion Bloggers, the professionals had a giggling themselves as most bloggers or Instagramers have a partner who is a professional photographer. THIS is how they end up with such great photographs. Not because they became brilliant photographers over night, but because there’s often help and support. So if you’ve been beating yourself up about your less than average Instagrams, don’t worry TOO much. This is why this Instagram Husband video is SO hilarious! Mr John ALWAYS takes BEAUTIFUL pictures (and his Instagram is like a million times better than mine), and he often helps me by teaching me a few tricks or allowing me to publish the odd picture on my blog. If you’re a blogger, you’ll TOTALLY get this, ENJOY!

PS Visit the Instagram Husband site if you’re an IH who needs support 😉

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