Eating ALL the Food at Foodhallen, Amsterdam

Hiya! Happy Travel Tuesday! If it’s not Tuesday when you’re reading this, then welcome none the less 🙂 It’s crazy that it’s been a year since I visited Foodhallen in Amsterdam. Such little time, so much to write about! Also, overseas; just SOO many things to see and do! Where to start the sharing?! Well, I’m in love with Mojo Market (more about that later), and one of the reasons why is because it reminds me of De Hallen in Amsterdam – a full on food market in the heart of the city that I LOVED visited while on honeymoon.


Foodhallen in Amsterdam

De Hallen is a little way away from “super” central Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still totally easy to get to, but it’s a bit of a walk or, preferably, a tram ride. At the heart of De Hallen is the food hall. A PERFECT location for visitors because it allows you to try an array of Dutch and international delicacies without breaking the bank. When you’re eating in euros and paying in Rands, don’t expect to eat out much. This is why Foodhallen was a hidden gem and RIGHT next to our hotel: Hotel De Hallen.

Dutch Favourites at De Hallen Foodhallen

Naturally I was keen to try the local food. Here are 3 treats I tried:


RACLETTE! “Watch me now, whoop whoop, shake it baby, whoop whoop!” Yes, this stuff gets me grooving! The KING of disgustingly deliciously rich and gooey, sinful and disgustingly awesome TOASTED CHEESE sandwiches with SO much *boom pow* in them! Yes, this is how good this cheese sandwich tastes. It SO rich is almost tastes like Marmite, yeah, the flavour is THAT deep! I bought it from Caulils Kaas, a notible cheese sandwich store.



Another absolute Dutch classic, bitterballen are essentially croquets (deep-fried mash potato balls) with different flavourings. Here’s my blog post on De Hallen Bitterballen. (And I wrote that blog post nearly 1 year ago!)

Waffles and Yoghurt

Had to be done! I had a Natella waffle which was rather tasty, but they weren’t made fresh/fresh. They were made earlier and then reheated. The toppings were delicious! But they didn’t beat the Spur waffles 😉


American Style Foods at De Hallen Foodhallen

Wagu Burgers

Who knew?! Definitely wouldn’t have thought the Dutch would have awesome burgers available, but these dudes rocked it! Called The Butcher, they cooked the burgers to absolute perfection (medium, yes please!). These were really fresh and tasty and I’d be happy to have them again.


Vegetarian Wraps

By the end of the week I was a little over the fastfood so I opted in for a vegetarian wrap. TASTY! It was freezing in Amsterdam, but even then I just had to have something fresh and healthy. I wouldn’t rush off for it again, but it was definitely what I needed after a long week of Dutch cheese!

De Hallen Foodhallen Vibe

There’s an awesome vibe at the De Hallen Foodhallen. Vibey in the evenings as swarms of Dutch locals and visitors pop by to grab something to eat and listen to a few tunes.


If you’re in Amsterdam and looking for a good vibe and great food, find Foodhallen in De Hallen, Amsterdam.

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