Is This a Real Love Shack? Vindoux Treehouses in Tulbagh

When Glamping Hub approached me about their new service in South Africa, I was really keen to check them out. If you’re not into pitching dusty, old tents and blowing up mattresses after dark, then glamping is for you. Glamping Hub offers a number of ‘easy camping’ style accommodations from tree houses, permanent tents or unusual structures for an easy, adventurous weekend away.

Let’s Go Glamping!

The first time I heard the word “glamping” was on The Only Way is Essex. What a laugh! But I’m pleased to say that Glamping Hub has WAY better options than their attempt!


Mr John & I decided to visit Vindoux out in Tulbagh. I’d only ever visited Tulbagh for a wedding, but had heard people talking about the town for years, but never WHY. WHY was Tulbagh so cool? This gave me the opportunity to visit and find out for myself.


Unfortunately, we already had a lunch booked at Durbanville Hills, so we weren’t early enough to visit any of the farms for a wine tasting (a good reason to return). On the upside, it allowed us to enjoy the drive to Tulbagh and focus on Vindoux and what it had to offer.

Welcome to Vindoux!


We arrived at Vindoux and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. The images on Glamping Hub weren’t super amazing so I wasn’t totally confident that it I’d picked a nice place to stay. But, we arrived to be greeted by a leaping and bounding ridgeback puppy – which was a jolly good start! We entered reception to be met with a big furry kitty (yay) before being kindly shown to our treehouse.

Vindoux Love Shack

At first, I was in a little bit of shock. Is this a love shack?! THERE WERE HEARTS EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE. I was just curious as to who buys into this weird lovey-dovey, citch stuff?! BUT, after spending some time there I actually feel it’s quite adorable now. It’s sweet that they’re trying to fill the world with love and remind people of the simple things in life. So don’t let that put you off! The treehouse was really cool.

We opened the room doors and looked out across a beautiful plum orchard, with the sound of birds chirping and the swish of the pine needs. I already remember Enid Blyton referencing the swish of the Enchanted Forest and it sounded just like that!. It really was very, very pretty.

The Details

Inside the treehouse was a fridge, coffee amenities, clothing rail, towel rail, side cabinets, a HUGE bath (YAY!!!), a loo, basin and fresh towels. The bathroom had, what I thought was, plastic curtains on the Glamping website which are SO not a vibe. So I was thrilled when we arrived and they were better.

The bed was SUPER comfy and the biscuits had been “visited” by a little old mouse of some kind, bless! There wasn’t a television included which is absolutely fine by me. They also included bath salts, mosquito repellent and dressing gowns. The treehouse had pretty much everything you’d need for a cozy weekend away.


The only negative was that there was no blind over the bathroom window so when I wanted to use the loo I had to duck to hide away from the people sitting RIGHT outside the window braaiing, LOL!

Vindoux Viewing Deck

Before heading out to find some dinner (Vindoux does have a very small restaurant but you need to book ahead), we stopped off at their viewing deck. Unfortunately, it was rather barren due to the drought, but the animals were happily grazing away before lying down for the evening.


Tulbagh: Record For Most Historical Buildings in One Road!

Mr John and I popped into the town of Tulbagh for a light dinner. The weather was absolutely perfect and the town actually holds the record for the most amount of national monuments in one street – Church street! We took a drive under the stars and were so impressed with what we saw – we can’t wait to return!

We took a little turn around the farm just to enjoy the stars and the night air. We could hear a wedding being celebrated in the distance while listening to the sound of frogs and crickets. We returned to our little treehouse in the orchards for a good night’s rest.

The following morning we were sent breakfast in bed which, I’m sorry to say, left a LOT to be desired 🙁 My French toast was super eggy and they put cheese on it. Mr John ordered a plain bacon and cheese and he got sweet chilli and bacon. However, we still loved sitting out on the deck enjoying the morning light and the sound of the birds.


Vindoux Spa

On Sunday morning I was able to visit the Vindoux Spa for a pamper session. It started with a jacuzzi bath under a star lit ceiling. I’d never done anything like it so I thought it was quirky and fun! Glass of bubbly, Lindt chocolate and a bath before a massage, so funny!


After my ‘bath’, I had a lovely back and neck massage followed by a foot treatment in their crystal room. My therapist was really lovely and did a good job. The spa treatment ended with a lovely cheese board on the front porch.

My session was only meant to be about 90 minutes, but I think it went to 2.5 hours! So when I found Mr John sitting on the grass outside I was thrown into panic stations again! We were late for our next adventure! Time LITERALLY melts away in this spa so be warned! 😀

Staying at Vindoux

Vindoux has a wedding-like website, which is why I wasn’t totally clear on what to expect. But it’s really a celebration of a weekend away, rural life, love and tranquillity. Book a weekend away in this adorable treehouse on Glamping Hub and with the ZAR strong at the moment, I think you can get some real steals or take a look at their South African collection if you’re curious to find more options. (It’s about R1850 – R2000 a night.)




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