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[WATCH] Banned DA Advert. Vote: Freedom of Speech

[WATCH] Banned DA Advert. Vote: Freedom of Speech

Politics is an ugly subject. We all know that. But I feel freedom of speech is important. I am not endorsing this political party. I am supporting freedom of speech. Watch the banned DA advert. Vote wisely.  



Have you heard about the #100HappyDays initiative? It’s a social project based on people taking the time to post a picture, quote or statement about something that made them happy that day. There’s no prize or reward other than finding joy in your own life. I thought I’d be a good exercise so I’m giving(…)

What 2013 Taught Me…

10 Things 2013 Taught Me Happy December 31st 2013! Let’s start by NOT saying, ‘Oh my word, where has this year gone?!” I think we’ve covered that a few times in previous years! Let’s say, “Here’s to 2013. It’s been one hell of a year.” 2013 really did give us a run for our money. I’ve(…)



MCQP 2013 has come and gone. MCQP is always a fantastic event. South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world in terms of sexual orientation and religion. With Madiba recently passing I think we all felt grateful for the opportunities that we’ve been afforded by his vision: including being able to(…)

BURGER KING South African News:

BURGER KING South African News:

Two weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Burger King, Cavendish Square. The Claremont store is the third instalment of the Burger King franchise in South Africa. I felt it was my opportunity to ask a few questions and dispel all the myths about the brand entering the country. I met the group(…)

MyCiti Bus Accident, Cape Town, 24.07.13

There have been reports of a MyCiti Bus accident this morning just after 9 o clock this morning. According to unconfirmed reports, there are a few injured travellers but no fatalities at this time. Randall Nicholls (@twisztad) posted this picture from his Twitter account 2 hours ago stating, “The MyCiti bus I was on was(…)

AND We’ve Moved!

Happy Post-Easter Tuesday everyone I hope you’re not feeling too emo after a lovely long weekend indoors/away/anywherebutwork. As you know, I’m been on the mission to self-host WordPress over the last month. Boy! No matter how much they dumb it down, you can guarantee us dummies will still find it incredibly hard to understand! It(…)

Valentine’s Day Hit and Run in Observatory +_ 10pm

Reports are filtering through from Observatory that a young man has attempted a “hit and run” on Lower Main Road around 10pm tonight. Apparently the incident occurred outside the Stones Obs building where the driver hit a pedestrian with their car and attempted to drive off. Numerous young men then chased the car and pulled(…)

MCQP 2012 Cape Town Stadium, 15.12.12

MCQP 2012 Cape Town Stadium, 15.12.12

Last year’s MCQP 2012 was a great night out. I loved the fact that everyone dressed up and had high festival spirits. The “rave” was totally reminiscent of the 90′s, where everyone’s goal is to party all night in peace and mutual respect.  This is exactly what happens at MCQP and 2012 was no exception.(…)

Burger King to Open in Cape Town

Burger King to open in Cape Town! News of Burger King hitting SA shores has been slipping and sliding all over the Internet as of 2012 but now it’s been officially confirmed. And not only has it been confirmed but the first Burger King will be opened in Cape Town! I personally don’t see it(…)

Wikipedia Shuts Down in Cape Town at 7:30am!

UPDATE: 9am Wikipedia has been off as of 7:30am this morning. ORGINIAL POST: 5:30am Wikipedia will be turning black in just over 2 hours today! A warning has been posted on Wikipedia but the good news is that it’s not only Cape Town. The WHOLE of Wikipedia will be shutting down for 24 hours in(…)

UFO’s visit Cape Town! 2012 The End is Nigh LOL

Ok forget all that 2012 mumbo jumbo but it is kinda cool that UFO’s were spotted over the Mother City tonight, If you are especially paranoid then that might be enough to trigger you into buying thousands of cans of food and making a house underground much like that Chicken Licken ad but I’m happy(…)

Lucky #CapeTown Will See Nov 24th Solar Eclipse

Cape Town will be one of the few lucky locations to witness a partial solar eclipse tomorrow morning. The sun will rise at 5:32 tomorrow morning with clear, sunny skies. The partial eclipse will commence at 06:28 until 07:18 (total time 80 minutes) but only cover 10% of the sun’s surface in Cape Town. Antartica(…)

Meaning of Cape Town: New Design Capital 2014.

After seeing lamp post flags of yellow and yellow and yellow with 2014 being the only legible wording, I eventually learnt that Cape Town was bidding to be the Design Capital of the World, 2014. But what does this mean? Well, moments ago it was announced that we have in fact won the bid and(…)

Coke’s Not So Bad After All…

So after finishing my dance class, I popped to the Woolies to get something healthy for dinner. I love sparkling water but decided to get something a bit more flavourful and decided to check out the Woolies smoothies, which were looking very tasty after an hour’s exercise. A while ago I was watching Gordon Ramsay’s(…)