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How To Easily Pay Your Cape Town Traffic Fines

How To Easily Pay Your Cape Town Traffic Fines

Ok, so I’m happy about this post but I’m also bummed about this post. When I bought my new car it was my resolution to never get a traffic fine again. I wanted my car, Kimberlite, to have a fresh start and be the best car ever! And then I ruined it by getting a(…)

Two Oceans Wine Simple Snacking Competition Entry

Two Oceans Wine Simple Snacking Competition Entry

Two Oceans Wines recently invited me to enter their Simple Snacking competition where they challenge bloggers to create a summer snack platter for 4 for less than R100 to accompany their Two Oceans wines. I recently found out I have really high cholesterol so I’ve been cutting out yellow cheese, taking Omega 3 and staying(…)

Silwood School of Cookery Short Courses, 25.09.13

Yes! I’m happy to say that I have done it! I’ve attended a short cooking course at the prestigious Silwood School of Cookery. For many years the Silwood institution has been somewhat in my mind. I’m not 100% sure why. Maybe it’s because they started Butlers Pizza, maybe because it’s near my old high school,(…)

What’s For Supper? Something Easy! Peppers & Pork!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not chef by any means. But as you can tell from BCTCBlog I do love food and have a keen interest in learning more about it. Food is such a massively diverse and deep topic that I sometimes feel is an impossible mountain to climb. I also(…)

So Glad Glamour Mag Supports My Harmless Addiction! ;)

I’m trying to recall how my love for Tip Top nail polish started. I believe it was at Ramfest 2 years ago when my friend bought the most rocking, shocking pink nail polish. We spent early Friday evening having a sundowner and squealing over our new nail colour causing much sideward head-shaking from our men.(…)

Enjoy Your Fine Jerks!

At least twice a week a get some A-Hole in a Beemer, Landy or Merc driving RIGHT up my arse at the Newlands / Rhodes avenue intersection because I’m driving 60kms. You’re probably thinking that I deserve these prats on my tail but the truth is, I do not, why? Well common sense is no(…)

Western Boulevard Renamed, But Who the Hell is Helen Suzman?!

Most of Cape Town is happily enjoying the recently renamed Eastern Boulevard (N2) to Nelson Mandela Boulevard. An apt name considering the road gives drivers a beautiful view of Cape Town Harbour and Robben Island every time they head over the rise. Wondering what would happen to the sister highway, the Western Boulevard, I was(…)

Woolies Does It Again!

You have to hand it to Woolies (Woolworths) because they really do try to get ahead of the game with tasty treats. Check out these awesome MUSTARD WATERCRESS! There was broccoli flavoured too but that was a bit higher grade. So I stuck some of these bad boys on my dinosaur sandwich. It starts off(…)

Perfect Sandwiches for P.H.Fat!

It’s only just occurred to me that these are the perfect lunch time gifts for P.H.Fat! After spotting these awesome sandwich cutters yesterday, I had to get my hands on one and try them out! Available at @Home for R40, in 3 shapes: Hearts, Dinosaurs and Flowers, these are the sandwich cutters to have in(…)

Bacon Chilli Poppers!

Since I love eating so much I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the Food Network. Unfortunately, this usually just leaves me hungry so in an attempt to enrich my eating habits, I’ve started paying more attention, writing down the odd recipe and giving it a go. Mexican restaurant Pancho’s is one of my(…)

Sick of Hearing “Vote for Table Mountain”?!

Sick of hearing all about voting for Table Mountain? Don’t be mean spirited! It doesn’t seem like a big deal to vote for Table Mountain but when you consider her competitors, such as the Great Barrier Reef, The Dead Sea, The Amazon Jungle, The Grand Canon, etc. it would be awesome to get Table Mountain(…)

Goodbye Panda Eyes! Welcome Perfect Black Eyeliner!

You’re drinking, you’re dancing, you’re laughing, you’re looking fabulous! Until pictures from last night pop up on your Facebook. Whaaaaaat?!?!!!! Look at my eyes! I look like a “bergie”! Yes, you have huge black makeup bags under your eyes, more commonly known as “Panda eyes”. Shame, have you been crying? No, but I am this(…)

What You Really Need to Know About the SA Census 2011.

As a little girl I remember a man coming to our house to ask us facts about our home. Weird, but I thought it was cool to have someone ‘important’ about, it was 1991, I was 7. Ten years later, I don’t remember the census! Perhaps I was overseas at the time, but now it’s(…)

5 Things to Take to Oppikoppi WITHOUT A DOUBT! 11.08.11.

[nggallery id=26] So after braving the groot mission all the way to Limpopo from Cape Town, there were a few things that I would hands down recommend for any traveler, who intends on visiting Oppikoppi festival, to bring with them. The rest one can compromise on but these 5 things are VITAL! 1) SUNBLOCK No(…)

Avoiding “SkypeBook”…07.07.11

As if the inclusion of the Facebook chat facility wasn’t annoying enough, the Facebook developers have upped their game by merging with Skype to incorporate video chat. Gone are the days one can ignore and shut chat windows should an annoying acquaintance pop up or even a friend who pops up at an inconvenient time.(…)