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I am happy (and lucky) to have worked with a number of great brands. Some known, some unknown to me. I do, however, work full-time and am not able to help everyone. Boring Cape Town Chick is a personal blog, not a community website. A blogger’s word is everything, therefore, I can not promote things that do not interest me/I do not believe in.

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EVENT INVITATIONS: I am happy to attend events after hours (I work full time), however I am only able to accept invitations to events that align with BCTC or interest me personally. Feel free to contact me about an event, however, coverage is not guaranteed.

EVENT LISTINGS: I have a new listing of events which I add to at my discretion. What ‘cracks the nod?’ Whether I’d like to attend the event for not. My blog is totally subjective, therefore, I rely on my own discretion. Feel free to send me your event info, including a square image (200×200 pixels) and a Google map of the location of 400×200.

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All content will be reworked at the discretion of BCTC. Instagram/YouTube may also be used, but are not guaranteed. Competition mechanisms are at the discretion of BCTC. All campaigns must be paid for within 30 days of delivery. Extra images may be used in conjunction with content. For readership transparency sponsored posts will be stated as a *commissioned post*. Please remember that you are paying for my time, as much as for the promotion.


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I love collaborating with brands and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks! Meg