Australian Stepford Masterchef, DSTV.

I hated the first season of Master Chef. I couldn’t handle the way George Calombaris spoke about the food in such an aggressive way. Scrunching up his nose as he introduces, ‘CARROTS! LEEKS! POTATOES’ like they were poos in a bowl. Come season 2, I’ve learnt that he’s actually quite a sweet dude. I like the way they have Master Classes where they show you how to cook. This is a great place to pick up tips even for amateur home cooks like myself.

However, my one concern is, why the hell are the people all so sweet?! They’re like a glass of honey and syrup! Are there seriously NO emotional / impolite / bitchy people in Australia?! I love the show but I can’t help feeling like everyone there is a Stepford Wife! Would SOMEONE have a tantrum PLEASE! If you get eliminated, it’s NOT ok! If you burn your muffins, it’s NOT fine! If you stuff up your chicken, and it sends you home, you ARE A LOSER! Your dreams are gone! Will someone please act like it?!

P.S Matt Preston might know what he’s talking about but he SERIOUSLY needs to get drunk and shake off that prissy vibe!

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