Lady GagaVille

It seems that haters of Farmville are finally loosing out for not joining the mass game obsession. Farmville, a game produced by Zynga, is centered around farming. Feeding animals (cattle, chickens, pigs), planting orchards, flowers, fruits or vegetable seeds whereby the player must harvest them after a certain amount of time is the main aim of the game.

One of the fastest growing online games with more than 62 million active monthly users, Farmville has become a global phenomenon. Featuring on shows such as South Park and Dr. Phil,as well as raising funds for various charities such as Rescue Japan, it’s popularity has lead to Lady Gaga jumping on board. Gagaville is now a sub-level of Farmville, planting crystals and other Gaga-fied produce will allow users to unlock unreleased music from her forthcoming album, ‘Born This Way’.

It seems the only people who hate Farmville are those who do not play the game. Lady Gaga may turn this around or perhaps the only winners are those who hate both Farmville and Lady Gaga!

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