It’s official, PRODIGY is on the way!!!

After years and years of various brands trying to bring Prodigy to South Africa, half it being genuine attempts and half of it being rumour, Synergy Live has just made the wanted possible!


I actually think it’s impossible not to know who Prodigy are, irrespective of how old you are. I was in high school when the Fat of the Land was released and even though I had 2 Spice Girls albums, there was NO denying the PHAT bass line of Breathe. Smack my Bitch Up was the most creative music videos I’d ever seen and their live at Chelmsford video blew my mind!!! I’m not sure if I’d ever seen anything like it then and it STILL rocks now!!! Check this crowd!!!

I may be nowhere near a career at MTV (LOL) but I still smile at the strong impression that they’ve left on me. Support Prodigy this year as I find it hard to believe that they won’t be one of the biggest parties in South Africa EVER!!!

Early bird tickets available at Webtickets for R430, once sold out prices increase to R520.


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