CTEMF 2013: Early Bird Tickets Running Out!

Richie Hawtin CTEMFLast year saw the first ever Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF 2012) held at the V & A Waterfront. It was a really cool setup as it was built on top of the external car park. Having a dance floor on a car park ramp sheltered party goers from the wind and filtered the beats nicely into our ears!

The 2013 edition is happening from the 12th – 17th of February. This year’s international is Richie Hawtin who was instrumental in building the minimal-techno scene in Detroit (although he’s Canadian-English).

Techno, by the way, does not refer to all doof-doof music, it’s actually a proper, individual genre. To my knowledge, it’s simplistic and has far fewer “drops” than many other genres express (house, drum n bass, dubstep, psy-trance). Techno plays on the drawn out anticipation of the few drops that do occur.

Not only will there be internationals but workshops and classes preluding to the actual event. Keep an eye out for more information on the CTEMF FB Page. Currently, there are CTEMF early bird tickets available on Webtickets for R200 a pop, NOTHING for a 4 day festival filled with the best electronic music that South Africa has to offer. Support local music and do something new this year.

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