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Happy Post-Easter Tuesday everyone 🙂 I hope you’re not feeling too emo after a lovely long weekend indoors/away/anywherebutwork. As you know, I’m been on the mission to self-host WordPress over the last month. Boy! No matter how much they dumb it down, you can guarantee us dummies will still find it incredibly hard to understand!

It comes down the base information. Often authors and geeks assume we have the base knowledge to perform a function where nope! Log in – sure! I know what that means…where? Download, sure! I know what that means…what program? Sign in! Sure! I know what that means…where? And so the days of confusion pass us by.

So on that note, I’d like to thank Johann from Namhost. He’s been incredibly patient with me, not to mention incredibly busy. WordPress took 5 days to relinquish my URL addy, propagation took under 24 hours and all through the long weekend poor Johann had e-mail after e-mail from Boring Cape Town Chick!

I now have a basic version running through my browser. Of course, Google Analytics was the first thing I attempted to tackle but slowly by surely I’ll be improving the site over time. If you’re looking for support like I have, please e-mail Johann. He’s from Namhost and has been brilliant.

Namhost Signature

And on that note, I’ve been so busy over the last 2 weeks! I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been up to, as it includes nature, a bnb and my two favourites, music and food! Not to mention some give aways on the way as well. I hope you’ve had a happy long weekend and thank you for your continued reading support. Best wishes, BCTCBlog 🙂

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