Flamingos Hanging Out in Cape Town :)

2 Flocks of Flamingos in the Black River, Cape TownI’m constantly amazed at how resilient nature is considering we spend most of our time ignoring it. Ok, in Cape Town we’re constantly going on about the mountain or the ocean but the truth is, nature’s resilience is everywhere. Think of the tiny plants you see growing in the gutters HIGH up and brick buildings. Or the way waterfalls tumble down the mountain every winter. And it’s amazing that when we do stop to give it a little attention, how quickly it flourishes.

I love animals and nature, as I grew in a nature conservation area, so I never take for granted how magical animals can be so when I drove down the N2 last weekend and saw flocks and flocks of flamingos I just had to pull over!

The Black River/Raapenberg project started a while back. I recall seeing large trucks clearing away the debris and litter (and God know what else) from the banks of the Black River along the M5. I was already appreciating how much smarter the city was looking but I didn’t expect the bird life to increase. Well, it just shows you show how much nature gives back when you give it a little in return.

Flamingos in RondeboschThere are 2 big flocks of flamingos now hanging out in the river. One right near the Mowbray golf course and another much further down the river towards the airport. I hope these birds continue to flourish and hangout here because I’d love it if Cape Town was a semi jungle in all honestly! Next time you drive by, see if you can see them there. They’re cool (and will look a lot better than these pictures)! Have you seen any cool animals unexpectedly in Cape Town? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below 🙂

Flamingos in Black River, Cape Town

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