BCTCBlog Chilli Vine! Thank you Eric Todd Sauce Farm!

Eric Todd BCTC ChillisA few weeks ago the guys n girls at Eric Todd Sauce were kind enough to invite me to join their #TastiestTweet challenge where by one posts pictures using Eric Todd sauce. My friend eats at Sargent Pepper’s all the time and LOVES Eric Todd! And since I do enjoying cooking I was happy to include the tasty sauce in a few recipes and pics.

For my first cooking session I made a deep fried camembert, sweet Eric Todd chilli, rocket, chicken burger. And it was DELICIOUS! My second dish was a bacon and leek quiche. A little touch of hot chilli Eric Todd sauce was delicious! I then made lasagne for girls night and, of course, out came the Eric Todd 🙂

After eating four bottles of delicious sauce and having lots of fun, the challenge ended and that was the end of that…until today! The wonderful crew at Eric Todd loved my #TastiestTweets so much that they’ve dedicated a chilli plant to me! I’m so touched! I try to grow herbs myself and it’s not as easy as Farmville, I know! So this means the world to me! I know my chilli plant will be far from boring and will produce the BEST chillies in the field (see above).

A HUGE thank you to the Eric Todd team! I’m truly honoured and hope my chilli plant gives u nothing but hot stuff!

BCTC Chilli Vine

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