Obs Vintage Day, 23rd March 14

Obz Vintage Day 2014This weekend sees Obs Vintage Day 2014 take over Observatory.

I’ve had a lot of good times in the streets and venues of Obs. From gigs at the Armchair Theatre and Obs Festival back in the day, 4th of July parties at Forex, Stones 241, dubstep parties at Reload, psy-trance nights at the old Cool Runnings (now Trenchtown) , 4am head banging at Gandalfs, jazz at Tegores and, of course, the best chilli poppers in town at Panchos…I’ve spent my fair share of time in Obs!

It is with these fond memories in mind that I’d like to share a community event that will be happening this weekend in Obs. For all of you who are crazy about vintage, this Sunday will be Vintage Obs Day!

Just in good ol’ Obs style, entry is free. Lower Main Road will be close to any cars younger than 1970 for a portion of the day. SA comediene Kurt Schoonraad lives in Obs and has 3 classic cars which he hopes to share with those attending.

  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Where: Obs Lower Main Road
  • What: Vintage Cars & Motorbikes
  • Dress Code: Best vintage outfit wins a prize (any era before 1970)
  • Lunch and breakfast specials in many restaurants
  • Vintage Fair opposite Obs Spar

These bands will also be playing at Trenchtown from 12pm – 7pm:

  • The Trash Cabaret Band
  • Crimson House Blues
  • Croak
  • Jackanory
  • The Blues Project
  • Blues solo with Cami Scoundrel
  • Kenneth Minor

If you’re keen to see who’s bringing which cars, join the Obs Vintage Day 2014 Facebook event for further information and updates.

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