I’m so glad I’ve just watched the CTEMF 2014 aftermath video. It literally gave me shivers from my head, neck, ribs, knees, ankles…

As much as I want to write down, I can also just write, “If I have to explain it, then you don’t understand.” EVERY person who claims to like electronic music should be at the CTEMF because you should support your fellow country men. Too often people want to jump on the band wagon when things are a success in Cape Town. What about voting with your feet at the inception of a concept and being a part of making it a success?

The CTEMF has been an annual event in Cape Town for the past few years, originally at the Waterfront, now at the parade. It’s always one of my best weekends in Cape Town as it show cases electronic music in its full spectrum. No, I don’t love every artist that I hear. But if  I hadn’t attended, then I wouldn’t have known that.

I believe that so many people just view parties and festivals as a given. They don’t realise that it’s up to us to ensure these art forms exist in our country. If we don’t support it, then they will cease to exist and many genres will just disappear from African soil. As suggested in the video, their roots, our touch = magic. Let them come to us.

I also really appreciated the section about the VJs. Although I’m not an artist myself, it has been a bit of an undercover occupation which I believe should be focused on, challenged, supported, appreciated.

Watch this video and commit to being a part of the projects that matter, and make Cape Town dynamic, instead of just walking around like a rooster read cock going on about Cape Town being the best city in the world without playing your part.


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