The Life Of Jobs

Gumtree logoI got into a “heated debate” in the  office the week when our designer accused me of not understanding creative work. Considering I started playing the recorder at 4 and did music until Matric. I did art for Matric as well. Went to Acting School and have worked as a radio presenter and voice artist for the last 8 years – his comment really got under my skin. Luckily, I’m grown. I don’t jump down people’s throats to defend myself. He was totally and utter incorrect. He also worked til 3am the night before and was as cranky as a bear so I dropped it.

GrahamNorton_PosterBut it got me thinking about jobs and work. I currently work in an office full of talented, gorgeous and hard working women. It’s awesome! I am, however, one of the older of the lot…just by a few years, but it makes me reflect on my experience and where I built my strange history of jobs. Before I moved to London when I was 18 my Dad discovered Gumtree UK. Who HASN’T used Gumtree in their lives?! I think I even got my permanent job as a catering staff, hiring company, assistant in Chelsea. I worked for a gay recovering alcoholic Irishman, he was the BEST! Even let me go watch Graham Norton live during working hours. ANYWAY!

When I got back, years later, I dated a Butler’s Pizza boy. Apart from the fact that he was a TOTAL frog (Only God knows why we ever dated), he was keen on becoming a school teacher but didn’t know how to get a job. I said, “Duh Gumtree.” And I found him a job. He went for the interview. He got the job. I’ll always recommend trying to find jobs online considering newspapers are so stagnant.

673px-MTV-Logo.svgApart from my media jobs, I’ve also worked as a personal assistant, property company (ies) administrator, bar lady, waitress (barely, in London, it was horrid) and even as a transcriptionist – wherever you can make the money, honey! Whenever I’ve looked for jobs in Cape Town, I’ve always manage looked online

And as I sit in my fabulous new digital media job that I absolutely love, I can’t help looking at the 22 year olds and wondering what the hell they’re doing sitting in a 9-5iver? I read an article online earlier on about someone waking up one day, realising they disliked their life and changing it. I don’t feel like I’ll ever be on that list. I’ve chased my dreams. I might have failed, ie. not ended up as an MTV presenter which is was my dream job, but I’ll never wonder what could have happened.

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