Jack Parow Goes Back to the Streets

Jack Parow’s giving a day job a go in his latest music video project: Ode to You, featuring Nonku. Their video is a tribute to the working class heroes.  Parow and Nonku decided to meet up with various people and try out their jobs; to experience what their working day to day life is all about.  Directed by Paul Ward, this documentary-style music video sees Parow returning to his roots by sweeping streets, mowing lawns, washing cars, painting houses, laying bricks, working in a factory, packing fish and more. 

Before Jack Parow became South Africa’s Afrikaans rap super star, he packed fish, was a mechanic and allocated graves to support his rap habit. He says of the video,

“Shooting the Ode to You video was something very cool and special to me.  It was amazing to meet all these working class heroes.  I have a next-level respect for them.  It really took me back to all the k*k jobs I had to do to get where I am today. I have renewed appreciation for the fact that I can do what I love every day.” – Jack Parow

*Header image by Madphotodesign.

Check out the interviews that Parow had with various working class heroes:


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