[VIDEO] Rudimental LIVE at Rocking the Daisies 2014

I really didn’t think there was any chance of another group coming close to my Rocking the Daisies 2013 Skunk Anansie experience but I have to say that Rudimental live at Rocking the Daisies gave them a damn good run for their money. I’d still have to vote Skunk Anansie as number one though because I’d been listening to them since 1996 so watching them was more than a decade’s dream come true. BUT Rudimental was a VERY close second because I love pop and I love drum n bass and I was right in the front and it kicked ass!

I hope this many people will start supporting drum n bass in Cape Town. There’s once a month Cape Town drum n bass party Pressure at Mercury as well as the weekly night at Fiction: It Came From the Jungle. I find it puzzling that so many people loved Rudimental yet don’t party to dnb in the Mother City more often. Maybe this will be a positive influence because I had the best time with you strangers ever!


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