[VISIT] Rust-En-Vrede, Durbanville

Last Saturday Little Pook and I went for a morning mission to Rust-En-Vrede in Durbanville. The Elise MacDonald art exhibition had just launched. She and my Mom went to the same high school so we were to support the cause. I have spent some time in Durbanville as my ex-boyfriend lived there, yet I had never been to Rust-En-Vrede and was so surprised to find such a lovely farm-style homestead in the middle of the suburb (literally on the main road, Wellington Road).

Rust-En-Vrede DurbanvilleRust-En-Vrede Durbanville

It was a horrible day so we didn’t linger too long in the gardens, but did take in the art display and interesting trees along the walk. We entered the gallery and were welcomed by a crackling fire.

Rust-En-Vrede Fireplace

The Elise McDonald exhibition was in the first room. Called Imaginings, it’s a colourful exhibition based on flowers, women/girls, birds and dreams. My favourite with the lady with the blue hibiscus (see middle below).

McDonald collection at Rust en VredeElise MacDonald Exhibition at Rust-En-Vrede

There were a number of other exhibitions in the space as well, which were incredible. Painted in the photo realism style, by Heather Gourlay-Conyngham, they were just phenomenal. I literally don’t know how people paint this well!

Photo realism art at Rust En VredeArt at Rust-En-Vrede

This was one of my Mom’s favourite pieces, Minimum Wage by Lynie Olivier, in the single artwork gallery, but it was unfortunately already sold 🙂


We also discovered a little coffee shop, called Yoco,  inside the gallery with some beautiful looking breakfasts. I don’t eat eggs, but their eggs benedicts looked delicious. We decided to do a little coffee and tea take away, which were both piping hot, yo!

Yoco at Rust En Vrede

We look our drinks and headed back into the cold winter’s day as we had other errands to do.

Rust-En-Vrede in DurbanvilleTree at Rust En VredeGardens of Rust En Vrede

If you’re looking for a lovely breakfast spot, visit Rust En Vrede in Durbanville. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. *Penguins*

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