[Special] Thursdays at the Glass Lounge

It’s First Thursday tonight and I’m keen on a lovely walk through the bustling streets of Cape Town. First Thursday happens every, eh, first Thursday of the month in Cape Town city center (and in Jozi for that matter). Many bars, galleries, businessesĀ and restaurants are open after 5pm to allow those who work to enjoy their fair after hours.

I always like to start at the House of Machines as they have a well lit area, which makes for easy meet ups. I then like to visit the Bagette hot dog stand (don’t judge me) and then Honest chocolate for a little something sweet. You can have a few toots along the way and enjoy the busy atmosphere, taking in art, design, music and markets too.

First Thursdays can get pretty manic, is has to be said, so if you find yourself needing a quiet and comfortable sit down, why not move 2 blocks up from Bree street and visit the Glass Lounge.


The Glass Lounge is one of my favourite places to visit at the moment, because it’s just so gosh, darn pretty. It’s soothing and relaxing the food is excellent. AND I’ve just learnt that they have tapas every Thursday! So if you’re heading to First Thursdays, keep this bar in mind. It’s open all night for visitors (you do not have to stay at the hotel to visit the bar).

Last Thursday I visited for their tapas and a glass of wine with a close friend. We sat in the corner of the bar so we could have a good giggle without annoying other patrons.


There is a tapas platter special which includes 3 tapas: chili poppers (perfectly crisp, but with a spicy kick. Yoh! The tzatziki saved me šŸ˜€ ). Spikey onion balls – I literally do not know what to call these things but they were cool! (The menu says onion and potato bhadjis). And truffle and cheese croquettes, soft, warm with a perfect crisp coating. This is accompanied by 2Ā glasses of wine for just R135! That’s R80Ā for 2 people (with tip).

IMG_3281 IMG_3282

The food was super fresh and delicious (the Glass Lounge (Milner Hotel) has a legit chef, I must say) so we decided to order the sweetcorn risotto. I was just in the mood for something warming. The risotto was delicious, but rather unusual. It was really sweet tasting, yet offset by the acid of the cherry tomatoes and rocket. I enjoyed it, but as the days have gone by I’ve actually started to crave it – the ONLY and TRUE sign of good food (IMO).


The few times that I have visited the glass lounge, I have not been disappointed. The wine is always chilled and the food fresh and delicious. Start or end your First Thursday journey here for a fun yet mature setting. I also recommend popping in here after visiting the Fugard Theatre. If you feel like a toot but aren’t sure where to go, think of the Glass Lounge. Enjoy!


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