I Love My New Nikes! London: Eton Mess

All my life I’ve been an Adidas girl, because I used to love Craig David and he wore Adidas and I used to love Fred Durst and he wore Adidas. But since then I’ve left high school and sneakers kinda went out the window for me because there were so many other great shoes on the planet. Read Hunters, Minnetonkas, etc.

But in recent times Mr John (nee Love) has been getting really fun shoes from Shelflife and I’ve felt kinda left out. The catch 22 is that I’m a size 8! Actually a 7 and a half, but they don’t make halves any more so I have to get a size up. And 95% of the time Shelflife only get sent womens’ shoes up to a 7 🙁

Last year I found a really gorgeous pair of black wedge Nikes… (I know a lot of people don’t understand wedges so let me explain it to you. A lot of us like to listen to music in clubs, but the music isn’t always very ‘high heel’ friendly. So wedges allows us to wear closed shoes (to protect our feet) with a touch of ‘heel’ like we enjoy wearing.)…but I had to wait nearly 6 months for a size 8 to arrive from the States. I’m ok with that though, I’m happy to wait for something I love. Eventually I got them and they are AWESOME!

Random picture I took of my black wedge Nike one day!

Random picture I took of my black wedge Nike one day!

Last week Shelflife wrote a blog post on the new Nike womens’ city collection and I just LOVED the shoes and the concept! Basically they have taken 6 cities: London, Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai and paired them with famous ‘sweets’ and designed a shoe that matches the concept of the dessert. For example: Paris – macaron, London – Eton mess, Milan – Aperitivo, New York – strawberry short cake, Shanghai – must win cake (I’ve never heard of this before!) and Tokyo – Harajuku crepe.

Picture via Nike.com

Picture via Nike.com

Since I LOVE London I just HAD to have the Eton Mess! (For those of you who have never heard of Eton mess, it’s a famous dessert eaten at the famous school, Eton). I love the London’s because I’ve been thinking of getting white sneakers again (neutral is such a win) and the bottom of the shoe looks like street art. I love art! The soles have streaks of pink, red, maroon and coral, JUST like the dessert (made with strawberries which streak the meringue and make the dessert mottled).

Nike  Nike

Each shoe is perfectly paired, like the Paris version – a perfect shoe symbol of a purple macaron, could you GET any more Paris?!  I also love the fact that in my mind these shoes remind me of my My Little Ponies which I loved so much growing up! It’s just an explosion of awesome girlness!

Nike  Nike London Eaton MessNike

Anyway, so I’ve had a lovely week of awesome girly sneaker happiness with bright orange, another colour I’ve been loving since going to the UK last year! Thanks to Shelflife for providing our city with such awesome shoes and keeping us cool like the first world haha!

My Little Ponies

To see the other sneakers in more details, head to the Nike website’s Women City Collection post.

See you on the street in my awesome shoes soon! M


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