How to Order Real Techniques Brushes Online in South Africa

Boring Cape Town Chick with Real Techniques BrushesBy now you know that beauty isn’t really my vibe and I’m certainly not on the cutting edge of what’s new and cool in the beauty world. But you also know that I keep my ear to the ground on all things cool, I love a good bargain and love combining something cool at a great price even more! Enter Real Techniques Brushes.

My friend Mel B is all about that makeup shizzle and she’s been chatting to our other friend Jodie (who used to be a professional makeup artist and even did makeup for the BAFTAS!) about these Real Techniques makeup brushes, which are apparently the business. So Mel ordered some from London, which our boss brought out with him and she’s been raving about them ever since. Which, of course, meant I started thinking about getting some too!

So come Black Friday I started investigating. Mel said Foshini had some, but I couldn’t find anything online. Take a Lot had some, but nothing on sale and I didn’t REALLY want to spend like R1000 on brushes.

Real Technique Brushes on TakeaLotReal Technique Brushes on Take a Lot - Boring Cape Town ChickEventually I found a blog post by Pink Peonies who did a wonderful write-up about a whole bunch of make up brands (that I’ve barely heard of) and that included buying Real Techniques Brushes in SA. So I decided to check it out and LOW AND BEHOLD! The cosmetic holy grail! Real Techniques brushes for cheap cheap!


I managed to get TWO WHOLE SETS for the price of 1 set on Take a Lot AND the sponge thing (which I’m get to figure out the purpose for)! That just goes to show was doing some thorough research and not getting ripped off can do. Oh, and following bloggers in the know 😉


So it’s all about BioVea (which is a really random online shop – they even have those things you can pee into standing up, wtaf?!).

Save with Bio Vea

  1. Go to the South African BioVea Store.
  2. Sign up for the SA BioVea mailing list because it will give you a further 15% saving on your first purchase! They will mail you the code, which you will enter when you check out.
  3. Search for Real Techniques brushes & put the ones you want in your basket (duh!).
  4. Check out – I would recommend making an account because it’s much easier to track your order than if you’re a guest.
  5. Insert your promotional code (that you got from signing up for their e-mail). Below you can see my 15% discount that made my brushes even more affordable.

Boring Cape Town Chick - Real Technique Brushes - BioVeaBIOVEA 1

Things To Note:

  • Orders over R300 will give you free shipping.
  • My order came in about 2 days, but they say 3-5 days.
  • You can go to your Order Status to track your order (top right, front page).

When They Arrived…

Real Techniques Brushes - Order Online in South Africa - Boring Cape Town Chick1Real Techniques Brushes - Order Online in South Africa - Boring Cape Town Chick2Real Techniques Brushes - Order Online in South Africa - Boring Cape Town Chick4  Real Techniques Brushes - Order Online in South Africa - Boring Cape Town Chick3Real Techniques Brushes - Order Online in South Africa - Boring Cape Town Chick5

I was STOKED when my brushes arrived and there are actually too many for me to use right now. The Pointed Foundation Brush has been the best brush for me so far. It puts your concealer on really smoothing and using a minimal amount of product. They also come in a holder which you can transform into a case so that you can dry your brushes in them when cleaning.

I have watched the Kim Kardashian app to see how to use them (thanks Mario), but there are Real Techniques YouTube videos online to help you learn even more – I will be watching those in due course.

So go forth, shop and enjoy! And as soon as I hear about the next cool beauty thing that non-beauty people like me might like, I’ll be sure to let you know. Enjoy 🙂

PS You can get the awesome new metallic range in Clicks as well.

Boring Cape Town Chick with Real Techniques

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    Hello dear
    There are no Real Techniques Brushes on their website
    I really tried to order with no success