Celebrating Spring at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

Happy travel Tuesday. I apologise for posting this so late (South African time), but I misscheduled it, EISH! None the less, today I’m going to share a post with you about a charming boutique hotel just over the hills and not too far away.

You may have seen a blog post or two about the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel of late, as they have been spoiling us bloggers throughout the year. I know this because they invited Mr John and I to visit at the beginning of 2016, but with my wedding in March I just couldn’t fit it in. Finally, this October Mr John and I managed to go to Franschhoek for the weekend and have a lovely mini break.


The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel is positioned right in the town centre, just off the main road and behind the high street of restaurants. It’s a simple duplex hotel with reception area, kitchen and lounge on the ground floor, and the bedrooms on the second floor.


This particular weekend I was feeling rather miserable because I had had flu for a few days. I was feeling at the end of my tether and not very optimistic. However, Mr John and I were warmly welcomed at the hotel, shown to our room where we immediately felt at home. So much so that we had an afternoon nap just twenty minutes after arriving! Although it was misty on the day we arrived, the morning boasted the most beautiful views across the valley. Considering we’re behind the main road, the view was incredible.

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-41 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-36

Before I can comment on the decor, I’d like to chat about the most important thing in a hotel room, in my opinion. Cleanliness. Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean! I can’t reiterate enough JUST how impeccably well kept our hotel room was. From the usual finger marks on the toilet flush, hairs in plug holes, to dribbles on the shower walls, blotches on mirrors and marks on glass – there was NOT A SPOT or human trace in sight!

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-32 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-34franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-13

This makes me extremely happy! While I am more than comfortable in humble surroundings, unless a hotel room, no matter how humble or luxurious, is spotless – I’m not happy. Well done Franschhoek Boutique Hotel. And after Mr John showered on Saturday morning, I checked and it was just as clean again. Incredible! Well done to your staff. 


Prettiest Room I’ve Ever Stayed In?

It would be remiss if I did not next mention the styling of the hotel room. Needless to say, the hotel room was beautifully furnished, while our room had an exotic jungle touch! Considering Mr John is  jungle/drum n bass DJ, we loved it! Tasteful colours and accessories were used as well as practical commodities that made off stay feel both warm and welcoming.

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-21 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-22

With a simple kitchenette type area, cupboards and safe on the left of entry and large, beautifully decorated bathroom on the right that leads to the hotel room, it was a pleasure to visit. I also like that you can slide open the bathroom ‘wall’ so you can lay in the bath and “watch TV” or close them for more privacy.

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-26 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-29 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-30

Hotel Room Details

I was impressed the attention to detail that the hotel room offered. Small things like a bottle of wine and sparkling water, on the house. An iPhone charger next to the bed and Healing Earth products – which they requested were not removed – clearly people are loving their homely touches! They also secured their carpet down which I loved. I like carpets, but not ones that flop around and cause you to trip every 2 seconds! I loved this secure carpet in the bedroom area.

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-37 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-35franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-31 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-19 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-14 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-16franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-42

Down Time

After our nap, we headed into the valley for a lovely dinner at Holden Manz. Once we returned, we cozied in for the evening and relaxed. I couldn’t get the DSTV to work so I just watched Al Jazzeira and was, quite frankly, very happy. Mr John watched YouTube on his computer with the free Wi-Fi offered by the hotel, and too was very happy with his surroundings.


Breakfast at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

The next morning, after sleeping very well thanks to their dark curtains – I am someone who hates light in my bedroom – which also happened to dampen any noise from the village, we went downstairs for breakfast in the morning.


The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel offers a simple yet well thought out spread, with fresh fruit for those who are health-conscious to decadent eggs for the greedy guests like me 😉

 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-1 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-6franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-2franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-7

Unfortunately, they misunderstood my order and gave me a eggs with a yolks and no hollandaise! I meant not yolks please. I sent it back and it literally took them three minutes to rectify – I have no idea how they fixed it so quickly! I was very impressed. The hollandaise was, however, a bit cool but I still enjoyed it and it was the PERFECT setup for a day of winetasting!

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-10 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-9

Tram Location

Mr John and I did the tram route with a number of friends and had a wonderful day out. The tram practically leaves from the hotel’s front door, which was most convenient. We actually ended up going to the pub for dinner with everyone, which, in hindsight I’m a little sorry about. We had a beautiful hotel room and were having such a good time, we returned after midnight! I would have enjoyed spending a little more time in the hotel room (but you also can’t blame me for being out late when the skies look like this!).

franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-11 franschoek-boutique-hotel-boring-cape-town-chick-12

But there’s no need to be sorry because the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel is still available for local and international visitors to pay a visit, at any time. The hotel room was really well appointed and I will happily return. My recommendation would be for young couples who would like a weekend away of convenient luxury as the hotel is within walking distance of everything with in the main village. Check out the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel rates on their website.


View when you open your room front door.

Thank you to the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel for having us. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend the hotel to anyone looking for an easy weekend away. 

I was not paid for this blog post, however, we were gifted our stay at the hotel.

All views are my own and have not been docked in any way.

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