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The December holidays are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to pay a little attention to your home. Personally, I couldn’t wait. My carpets were absolutely hammered and I REALLY needed to get them cleaned! As it were, Deon from WeClean cleaning services contacted me about some blog coverage, but I said I could only help if it was a trade exchange. I desperately needed my carpets cleaned! So it was great to pair up.


Deon arrived with his assistants to ship my flat into shape. While we thought we had moved everything around enough, they insisted on doing a far better job and lifted EVERYTHING off the floor so that they could really get into the corners.

WeCleanWeClean Cape Town

I left for work in a tizz because my brain wasn’t working that day. When I got home, their work had made HUGE difference! My carpets HONESTLY look better, than these pictures are showing, in real life! I feel like my iPhone is making them much murkier, they really look amazing now!


And I’m actually glad it’s taken me this long to write this post (about 2 months, so sorry Deon!), but it’s allowed me to see how much of a good job WeClean really did. Obviously any carpets will look amazing in week 1! But it’s been MORE than a few weeks and my carpets are actually looking fantastic. Funnily enough, I swear they get cleaner over time! I know that’s a ridiculous thing to say, but the summer sun is out now and I know which parts were really bad and they’re still looking awesome since the clean.


Open Over the Festive Season

WeClean does NOT close during the building industry closure, so you can contact them to come over and give your house a good clean. If you contact Deon, let me know that you saw my blog post so that he knows I sent you.


WeClean Vouchers

WeClean also provides cleaning vouchers. Perhaps there’s someone you know that would really use the extra help around the house? Perhaps get them a voucher. They start at R600.00 and would get about 3 medium sized carpeted rooms cleaned or 2 mattresses – depending on the size.

I’d be more than happy to use WeClean again, so give them a go 🙂

**WeClean cleaned my home at no charge. All images and opinions are 100% my own and have not been manipulated in any way by the owners or employees of WeClean.





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