[WIN] Tickets to Up the Creek 2017

When I say Up the Creek, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? When I think of Up the Creek, there are 5 things that come to mind:

  1. My brother
  2. George Bacon
  3. Corne and Twakkie
  4. Sandwich Tent
  5. A New Era

Photo by Juliette Bisset Photography.

1) My Brother

It was literally in 2002 that my brother, Dan, took me to my first music festival – Up The Creek. I was in my first relationship at the time; we had just moved back from London (where we’d met), but was feeling frustrated at the time. After seeing a touch of the world, I wanted to see more! But I was still in the phase where you did everything your boyfriend did because you hadn’t grown your own independent brain yet. Ironically, my brother REALLY had to stand on his head to get me to go along! He even rang Dave from the New Academics (who was also my housemate in London) and eventually, reluctantly I agreed.

This was the start to a whole new era; 9 Rocking the Daisies, 5 Ramfests, 5 Rezfests, 5 Earthdances, 5 Vortex’s, 4 Synergys, 1 Oppikoppi and a smattering of others, needless to say, going to Up the Creek changed my life. Here’s me before I grew my own mind:

Picture by Dan Shout

2) George Bacon

Up the Creek was the first time I ever managed to watch Hog Hoggidy Hog live. I’d loved their music (our whole family did) and FINALLY I saw them live. Once you’ve watched the Hogs, you can never go back.


3) The River Bank

My GAD was it hot along the banks of the river, sheeweeee! But the river saves everyone during the day because it’s a place to relax and cool down. (Bring lots of sunblock!) And now there are lilos, lilos and more lilos!

4) Corne + Twakkie

Just as I was getting my head around the sweltering heat and about to get into the water, two randoms called ‘Corne and Twakkie’ rolled down the hill, dressed like they were off to Wimbledon, greeting, “Hey you guy!” as they went along. What strange characters! But that was the birth of the Corne & Twakkie phenomenon that went on to be pretty big in the next few years. “Believe it, because they’re true.”

Picture by Dan Shout

5) Sandwich Tent

Ermegherd. Ok so at Up the Creek they had this food tent with farm ladies making the BEST toasted sandwiches and fry ups! My brother told me to get in the queue, I did and it saved us! Apparently they don’t do this anymore and now that I’ve been to a million festivals, they must have just been one lean, mean, camping food stall machine or the festival must have set it up! I’m not sure but it was damn tasty and I’ll always remember it!

Needless to say, visiting this festival changed the course of my life and I’ve been loving music festivals ever since. But you know what else? I’VE NEVER BEEN BACK! NEVER! How can it be true? I know! So I’m actually REALLY thrilled to be returning this year after more than a decade away…and now you can too!


When: 26 January at 14:00 to 29 January at 16:00
Glamping or Camping? Accommodation Details
Where: Breede River, Swellendam (GPS 34.178827, 20.489895)


Sedgwick’s Old Brown is spoiling us by offering a set of double tickets for one lucky winner and a friend to enjoy Up the Creek in general camping! If you’d like to win, please do the following:

  1. Like the Boring Cape Town Chick Facebook Page.
  2. Please Like the Sedgwicks Old Brown Facebook Page.
  3. Leave a comment on this competition’s FB post telling me the first thing that comes to mind when I say UP THE CREEK!
  4. Please also leave your e-mail address on the Facebook Post of this competition so that I can mail the winners.

Easy huh? Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 25th of January. The competition is open until Sunday the 22nd of January 2017 at 23:55pm. Please remember to read the T’s & C’s on the WIN tab above to ensure you qualify – I will be checking the entries. GOOD LUCK!






  • Rosanne Louw says:

    AweSome Bands…Interesting People…Great Vibe…weekend away from Reality! Over All just a Mind Blowing, Life Changing Experience, well so i’ve heard! Would LoVe to Experience Up The Creek for my “BIRTHDAY Weekend” Thanx..??

  • Nicola says:

    First thing that comes to mind is playing on my blow up doughnut in the the water under the sun with sweet music in my ears. Blissful combination that!

  • Nicola Wooding says:

    Spending 4 EPIC days making new friends, jolling with old, stalking my favourite bands, testing my balancing skills on some inappropriate lilo, partying like a rock star and remembering the next morning as I make no sudden movements that I’m not, in fact, a rockstar and certainly can’t recover like one! Falling in love with The Black Cat Bones, wrinkling in the river, singing till my throat hurt and sending my mom pictures of my blue tongue. Give me a shot of something so I can sleep till the 26th please, I don’t think I can wait any longer!!!! ?????

  • Mea Elston says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is the relaxing back on my swan lilo in the river listening to Akkedis, Rubber Duc and Los Tacos.

    Please send us to the best festival Cape Town has to offer!


  • Louisa says:

    My BFF’s birthday weekend, I have never been able to go to UP THE CREEK due to work obligations, this will be the year that I break,my Creek virginity. One is my best friends is having her 40th birthday party at UP THE CREEK, can’t think of a better day gift than an UP THE CREEK ticket and an inflatable Unicorn! Louise@mattd.co.za

  • Matt Willis says:

    First thing that comes to mind is what was to become the “one bag no tent” policy I was forced to adopt. We were catching a flight the next day so we haggled our spare ticket for a lift up to the river and a place to stay. But we were swindled and ended up with just the lift and no tent. “Survival” turned out to be more fun, making new friends and having an adventure – and so the “one bag, no tent” policy was born and upheld at many a festival since then!

  • Mischka says:

    It’s a festival that brings together friends that becomes family with great music, awesome company, amazing lilos and warm river water!

  • Bianca Hey says:

    Boring Cape Town Chick, I’ve never been to Up the creek before but I’m dying to go and experience this amazing weekend that I keep reading about everywhere… the first thing that comes to mind when you say Up the creek is “OMG I really need to go!!!!” please help me get to Up the creek and have a weekend of a lifetime! #UpTheCreek #newexperiences #ireallywanttogo

  • Sonja says:

    First thing to come to mind is sun, work escape and celebrating that we’re not old… yet! NY resolution: get out there!

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