Heaven at WeFix’s DJI #NewPilotExperience Event

DJI! DJI! DJI! Heard of it? Never heard of it? Well, if you’re a vlogger and if you’re a Casey Neistat fan, you’re more than likely very familiar with the brand. If you’ve never heard of any of these things, that’s ok! I’m here to help 🙂

Who Is Casey Neistat?

Casey Neistat is one of the world’s most influential vloggers. He popularised daily vlogging with his unique filmmaking techniques (he actually worked in film/documentary making before he started making YouTube videos). His work has become synonymous with time lapses of New York, inspirational content and unique drone footage from across the globe (yip! That’s Lion’s Head 🙂 ).

For many bloggers and YouTubers like myself, Neistat brought drones to the fore. His use of the DJI Phantom 3 and 4, DJI Mavic and now the Spark, has elevated the possibilities of what YouTubers can do within their video. In fact, he’s currently being investigated by the FAA for flying drones in New York – he’s not a creep, but probably didn’t observe the rules closely enough (I know you’re not meant to fly over residential zones and some countries are requiring pilot licences now too). This man loves drones!

DJI #NewPilotExperience Event by WeFix

When I found a DJI Facebook event for  First Thursday, hosted by WeFix, I LITERALLY drove from Tokai to the city bowl, after a staff function, to check them out. The DJI Spark launched last week in the States and I’ve already had competitor ads popping up in my timeline (thank you “elfie drone”!). The Spark is the same size as an iPhone. Which I find fascinating at the DJI Mavic (2nd smallest model) ALSO seems the size of an iPhone. Ok, it’s a lot fatter, but these are devices you can literally pop into your handbag!

WeFix and DJI Heaven

WeFix will be launching the very first DJI store later in the year and hosted this FABULOUS party! I was in absolute HEAVEN when I entered a room FILLED with DJI tech, Wilderer ( my favourite gin), The White Nite & ANG on the ‘decks’ (2 of my favourite DJs), a view across the Mother City and an expert flying the Mavic!


Mavic VS Phantom VS Spark

I have a particularly keen interest in the DJI Spark because of it’s size and cost. People interested in lifestyle tech like myself, don’t want to over invest in tech that we lack the skills to use.

The Phantom takes incredible footage, but it’s big and bulky and I wouldn’t want to have to carry it around. The Phantom 4 retails for around R30 000, which is alot of money for something I don’t know how to operate!

When the Mavic was released it was much smaller, less expensive and would do the job I need – create some footage that will never end up on the big screen somewhere so I could compromise on quality (the quality is still SUPER amazing though). It retails for about R20 000.

But now the Spark is out and it’s even BETTER for someone like me! Compact, simple and under R10 000! We’re talking about drones that shoot in 1080 but that costs less than an iPhone! It’s basically a flying iPhone! This is something I would 100% aim to get. Hell, I’m going to Kruger in 2 weeks! I WISH a lion would grab it out the sky!!! 😉

DJI Drones in Action

Trevor from Drone Racing Africa flew the Mavic for me and I was able to ask a few questions about the product from a professional (not YouTuber!). Things like, how fast can it go (over 60kms an hour!), battery life (30 mins), how hard it is to lose (not hard as when the battery starts dying or the signal fails, it heads home automatically) and how hard it is to fly (I could see the control dashboard, which didn’t seem overwhelming).

DJI Goggles

A little later in the evening Gordo from WeFix, let us try the DJI Goggles while he flew the drone.


Basically, there’s a camera on the front of the drone which you can control with the goggles. Wherever you look, the camera goes. The goggles don’t control the drone direction, but allows you to look around, high in the sky, and change course if you want to go somewhere you like the look of! So crazy and cool and FUN!


WeFix DJI Store

Later this year, WeFix will be launching the first DJI Store in Cape Town. I CAN’T WAIT! They’re already taking pre-orders for the Spark so if you’re keen like I’m keen, make sure you contact them! They’re retailing for just under R10 000.

With global drone flying championships in Dubai and Amazon starting to deliver online orders via drones in the States, it’s an interesting conversation that extends further than just vlogging. This is the future. And I’m keen to be a part of it from the get go!

THANK YOU to WeFix & DJI for such an AWESOME NIGHT!





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