10 Vegan Foods You Didn’t Even Know You Were Eating

There’s been a lot of curiosity, hustle and bustle on Facebook of late with the Cape Town Vegan Challenge being just 10 days away. My colleague (and now friend, Jackyl) has been vegan for a number of years and she’s the BEST kind of vegan. Why? Because she keeps her believes to herself!

Now, that might not seem like a good vegan. But she’s not compelled to “knock on doors” and tell us all about it. Why she IS a good vegan is because she let our OWN curiosity lead our conversations.

“OH! Have you heard about the Impossible Burger? A burger that totally mimics red meat?! I saw it on YouTube!” And the conversation kicks off. Or, “Let’s buy crisps for the staff party, Jackyl, what can we buy?” “Well Steers flavoured chips are vegan.”

Through her gentle presence I’ve learnt SO much about veganism. And even though I’m not a vegan and won’t be going vegan, I’ve definitely started to pay A LOT more attention to what I buy and where I buy it from. I certainly do have A LOT more respect for my food than I ever did before.

So with Vegan month around the corner, I thought I’d share 10 food products that I’ve learnt are vegan. WHO KNEW?! But

Vegan Food You Didn’t Even Know You Were Eating!

1. Dark Chocolate Jungle Oats Bars

Yip, who knew! These tasty treats (and they’re genuinely tasty) are vegan!

2. Oreos Originals

Yip! You read right. Oreos ARE VEGAN! I KNOW! How can it be? I dunno. I’m not a scientist, but who cares! Now we can eat them all day knowing we’re being kinder to the planet!

PS Not all Oreo products are vegan, like the ice cream sandwiches aren’t, duh.


3. TRIM Salad Cream (No longer on the market)

Correct! My Mom has always used this throughout our lives and it’s the best for potato salads. Whenever I make potato salads my friends really enjoy it and it’s because we use Trim. Trim is vegan! That means no eggs, no milk or by products like milk powder! So crazy! I have no idea why it’s so tasty. It’s killer with chicken mayo too (not being insensitive, just saying!).


4. Simba Smoked Beef Chips

YES! BEEF! They’re 100% animal product free! How crazy?! I know! So the whole time you reckon you’re beefing it up but you’re just living that vegetable life. The Steers flavoured ones are too!


5. Salticrax

Salticrax is vegan! So you can knock yourself out with marmite and salticrax until the cows come home!


6. Jelly Tots

Most products with a chewy texture include gelatin, which is derived from hooves (last time I understood that anyway!). But Jelly Tots are vegan. So chew to your heart’s content!


7. Big Korn Bites & Flings

Yip! ALL Vegan! What I’ve learnt is that some product ranges have vegan options within them. For example, original flavours will be vegan, but then if they develop a cheese flavour, they obviously will not.

2019 Update: Ghost Pops now contain powdered milk, please exclude.


8. Lindt 70% & 80% Chocolate

NOT all Lindt flavours are vegan, but the 70% cocoa and 80% are because they don’t use milk products.


9. Beacon Liquorice AllSorts

Update 2018: EEK! It seems things have changed and Allsorts are no longer vegan! So please do try Sparkles, yes the class, glassy sweets instead.

Personally, I hate liquorice. I also hate sambuca and aniseed. I’m just not about that taste. But, this post isn’t only about my preferences so if you like liquorice, maybe you want to buy Beacon’s version since it’s cruelty-free.


10. Savanna Cider

This might seem like an obvious thing, but it’s not. Fanta Orange, for example, is NOT vegan. They use fish parts to clarify the liquid in the process of making it. Yuk! (You know I don’t eat the fishes.)


Don’t Be Tricked…

Coca Cola – vegan. Fanta orange. NOT VEGAN! Why?! Cause they use fish guts or something to filter the colouring! RANDOM!

Just Being a Better Person

The amount of bacon jokes online really has started to make me feel bad, especially since pigs are more intelligent than dogs – what’s our excuse now!? Maybe smoked dogs taste better than smoked pigs! (Gross). But you get my point. So even if we do want to eat meat, the least we can do is care about where it comes from and acknowledge that it was a living creature, just like our cats and dogs. They have feelings too!

Happy eating and enjoy vegan month…I’m not participating (because I know I’m not ready to make the transition at this time), but if you are – CONGRATS! And best wishes, I hope this helped 🙂


  • Isabella says:

    Hi, I checked the back of the ghost pops packet just below the ingredients it says contains milk. I would have loved it if it didnt but sadly it isn’t vegan. *sob sob*

    • Oh no! So sad to hear! Trim’s also off the market now.
      I’m wondering if they’ve changed things as I received most of this info in consultation with a vegan friend.
      Thanks so much for letting me know! Meg 🙂

  • Elsje Parsons Massyn says:

    Just a quick question. Are you a vegan?

    • Hi Elsje,
      No I am not. But I think people like me should still put effort into reducing the amount of animal bi-product foods we eat.
      Substituting coconut milk in cereals or buying vegan chips over dairy driven products.
      While many people will never be vegan, there are enough of us to make a big change if we start substituting products for vegan friendly versions.

  • Monique says:

    My daughter has CMPA so I avoid anything with cows milk. I dont buy her Ghost Pops because cows milk is listed as an allergen on the pack – I eat them but havent had them in a while so I would love to know if it changed

  • daisyo says:

    Thank you Boring Cape Town Chick 🙂
    Just a quick question/note – so vegans generally do not eat anything with Palm Oil (unless, it’s from a sustainable source). I think what makes most of the items NOT vegan, but vegetarian if you will is the use of Palm Oil. Crazy though – crisps abroad (not in South-Africa) like Pringles are often NOT MADE WITH Palm Oil, but in SA every little thing just about contains unsustainable Palm Oil.
    Again – thanks for your list! 🙂

    • Hi Daisy,
      Thanks so much for your thoughts! Apologies for the delayed response, I’ve been in Namibia for 3 weeks!
      Yes the Palm Oil is a contention point as it’s the same with dog food. Where does dog food come from?
      The commercial meat industry. So, technically, if you want to be a “good vegan” then you shouldn’t have dogs
      as you’re still supporting the meat industry. Same with palm oil.
      It negatively impacts the environment and animals, yet you can’t get away from it! So it’s a catch 22 🙂

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