I’ll Help You Find Your Next Car With CarZar’s Rad Tool #Ad

This is me and my friend Chloe. She’s awesome. Chloe reminds me a lot of myself when I started at my old digital marketing agency because I gave up radio presenting, to get a day job, to achieve 3 things initially:

  • Own a cat
  • Own a car
  • Travel

Chloe has been at the agency for a year (I was there for 4!) and has already done 2/3 things! Ok, she doesn’t have a cat, but she has John Snow, an adorable long-spined, white rescue pup that she saved from death’s door. She also went on a gorgeous island holiday earlier this year. Let’s just say she’s way faster at kicking ass than I am!

BUT…the third goal…the BIG one… HOW TO GET THE RIGHT CAR! Buying a car is a BIG commitment and it’s hard to know what to do. Pretty much all of us have a dream car, a future car and the reality of our salary car! My recommendations are to: A) buy second hand or B) simply trade in your car.

How Much Will You Get For Your Car if you Trade?

CarZar has this rad car affordability calculator tool that you can use to input all the data about your car and they’ll let you know the value in 4 easy steps:

1. Free online quote

2. Obligation-free car inspection

3. Get market-related offers from their nationwide network of dealers – you can ask them about this option

4. Immediate payment

Buy Second Hand

I KNOW so many people love a fresh car out the box. BUT, the SECOND you drive out the dealership you lose R20 000 – R30 000 of the value. So I’d recommend getting a demo model. This is the car people use to drive around to test the car out, which means a few people have driven but it’s practically brand new. So you get a new car but at a reduced cost. WIN!

Get That Car

Because I love digital and I love anything online that makes my life easier – I think the CarZar tool is helpful if you want to trade in. So even if you have to settle on your first car just to get going (we all rocked the student car life in our twenties) and then update as you hit 30, you can do so with the help of CarZar!

For more information, send CarZar an email at info@carzar.co.za or contact them on 087 470 0436. Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @CarZarDotCoZa.

Chloe…let me know if you pass your driver’s soon! <3 


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