My Second Event! Cape Town Content Creator’s Xperience 2017 #CTCCX2017

Hello everyone, happy December! WHERE has this year gone? It was just a few months ago that I was dying to go on holiday to Ireland! Now I’ve been back a month, held my second happy event, started a new job and Christmas holidays are around the corner! I must apologise for being so quiet – things have been HECTIC!

But before the year ends, I MUST tell you about the second event I ever held – Cape Town Content Creator’s Xperience 2017! This is a gathering that I throw for Cape Town’s YouTubers, Bloggers and Instagrammers to get together and have a little end of year party; to celebrate all their hard work, meet fellow creators and, this year, some PRs!

CTCCX2017 at One Up

As usual, I held it at my favourite Long street garden bar, One Up. The staff were AH-mazing, as usual. And really helped me get organised before and on the day. And what a day it was! There’s nothing like a beautiful, wind-free, blue skied day in Cape Town!

Welcome Cocktails By Cointreau

Since it was so hot, the kind folks at Cointreau supplied the creators with a lush orange cocktail. The perfect summer drink to break the ice and celebrate the occasion.

Live Music by Shout MC

To add a little fun to the day, Dan & Sbu from Shout MC arrived to add some light jazzy beats to our event. There’s nothing better than live music and having these guys add a touch of class to our celebration was most welcome.

Mix & Mingle

The main purpose of CTCCX2017 is to build a community between content creators. We all have a community within our own platforms, whether it’s Instagram or WordPress or YouTube, but what about a community amongst ourselves? I think it’s super important for us to believe in what we do, support one another and form a team before we expect anyone else to believe in us.

So it was an absolute PLEASURE to meet SO many new creators and welcome so many PRs in our world.

Trending In Cape Town

On the day we were spoilt by many sponsors including Borchard’s Quarry Wine, The Entertainer (who also sent a videographer – hopefully they’ll be able to make a vlog about it soon!), PopSocket (my FAVOURITE mobile holder that makes using your smart phone SO much easier), Galileo Open Air Cinema, Backsberg Wine, Butler’s Pizza, Oryx Dessert Salt, Cointreau, iScream & Red, SweepSouth, One Up, Newlands Spring Market, Kahve Skin and Synergy Live.

To win a prize, all you had to do is send a tweet or Instagram! For the second year in a row, I’m proud to say #CTCCX2017 was trending in Cape Town! With just 30 contributors, we managed to create 400 000 impressions and reach over 42 000 Twitter accounts! (All organic, no paid media!)

This goes to show the power of what our little community has and I’m really proud and thankful to everyone for sharing our joy!

Thank You So Much #CTCCX2017!

All in all it was a super day out! HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who attend. TO ALL THE SPONSORS for the spoilings! I also had a competition on for those who wrote the best after event blog posts. THANK YOU to TOP KNOTCH for her CTCCX2017 review, ILOVEFOODIES for her CTCCX2017 review, and FOOD & CHATTER for her CTCCX2017 review. TOP KNOTCH & FOOD & CHATTER – You’ve won a 2018 Entertainer app courtesy of THE ENTERTAINER! Congratulations!

And a SPECIAL thank you to Andrea for taking all these wonderful photographs! Your attitude leading up to the event and on the day was FANTASTIC! Receiving mails from the Irish countryside, you didn’t bat an eyelid and I REALLY appreciate your efficiency and hard work. THANK YOU!


Until the next time, Meg 🙂


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