Driving the New Polo Inside the Harbour

VW have released their brand New Polo 2018 and Mr John and I were lucky enough to be invited to the launch. Hosted inside the Cape Town harbour, it was already exciting just to drive into a untapped, different section of the harbour – never mind explore the new car! But when we arrived, a car park filled with 50+ brand new, sparkly polos was a fierce site to see.

Sign Right Up

We arrived to find a very well organised system. Registration with indemnity forms, driver’s licence check-ins and a soft drink, yes please. We were put into groups (informally, it didn’t feel like a school camp!) until it was our turn to jump into a car.

Mind the Curb

We were paired with a lovely couple, who drove first. We drove a predetermined route through Greenpoint with hazzards flashing. It was quite a spectacle seeing a squad of polo’s cruising through the damp streets. As we entered the Sea Point library car park to switch driver’s, our driver hit the curb! EEK! Awkwarrrddd! Please don’t crash this new car please!

I switched over and guess what? It was an automatic and I’d never driven an automatic before! Crash two incoming? Nah! Mr John taught me what to do and away we were. I really enjoyed driving an automatic for the first time and I can see the appeal bye bye traffic calf cramps.

Features I Remember

As you know, I’m no car connoisseur so I’m going to tell you about the features I recall. At first, I sat in the back. The roof light was really nice, it reminded me of an airplane. The windows were electric and there was enough space. But the main feature that caught everyone’s attending was the media centre. A large, snazzy, touch screen dashboard! Wow! It was also easy to use with all the indicators and windscreen wipers clearly marked. We arrived back in one piece and it was a lot of fun!

Cheers To the Weekend

Once we’d returned, we thought it was over but WRONG! AFTER PARTY! We were ushered into a surprisingly large warehouse. Two of my favourite DJs were playing, White Nite and Jacob Snake. A few of our other friends were there so we grabbed a table, tucked into some street food and enjoyed a few toots.


After an informal dinner, we were presented with the new polo ad – which is really good! #BewareTheConfidence HAHA! Watch it below (it’s worth it):

We were then presented with a video about #PoloGameChangers. I really enjoyed learning about new creatives pushing the creative scene in South Africa. Sadly, I couldn’t find the video it on YouTube to share it with you, but keep your eyes peeled for it as it’s worth watching.

Once the video was completed, a gentleman named George Avakian was welcomed to the stage. In a bit of a strange twist, George gave us a beatboxing demonstration and THOROUGHLY entertained us! As a voice artist, I was dumbfounded and absolutely loved it.

The only thing that I haven’t quite managed to tie together is what George had to do with the new Polo. The podium clearly says, “George Avakian presents the #NewPolo”, does this gentleman own Polo South Africa and Rocking the Daisies? I would have liked this to have been made a bit more clear as to what his role is as he’s clearly a talented and interesting individual.

Thank You George Avakian and #NewPolo

If you have the chance to test drive the new Polo, give it a try. I’d certainly consider it as a new car purchase although, be warned, they are not cheap at R236 000+.

Thank you to for having us #NewPolo! We had a great time 🙂




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