One Thing I Hate About My GHD Platinum

After writing a love letter to my original GHD, I’ve been using my new GHD Platinum. It’s a great tool and has a few upgrades compared to the original styler. These upgrades include:

  • Digital on button, not a switch.
  • Smoother exterior design, all in one segment.
  • Swivel cord so if you’re curling it doesn’t get super tangled.
  • Silicone cover to slip over hot plates once finished using.

It definitely makes your hair look amazing leaving it super shiny and natural. I wouldn’t say it’s faster than the original styler but it’s pleasant looking upgrade. But…


There’s one major design floor that absolutely does my head in…the body cover.

Let me explain…

GHD Platinum Hair Damage

While this new GHD does work really well, it’s CONSTANTLY pulling my hair out. Every, single time I GHD my hair, I have hair that gets caught in the body handle plates and it snaps, strips and pulls my hair out.

Considering this is a R3200 hair “care” product, it’s quite tough to be ok with this.

Scientifically, I’m assuming the handle has these splits for contraction and expansion. It is a heat driven product, which means that plastic or plate may need to expand or contract during use.

However, on the original GHD these body plates were a lot lower, meaning, not aligned with the heat plates so your hair couldn’t get stuck.

The Platinum version, however, has the body plates and heat plates aligned, creating a gap where the hair falls in, gets stuck and ultimately pulled out my head!

The seams below the plates snap & rip out my hair!

Use It Better

“Why not use less hair per straightening segment?” You might ask.

Because these machines are designed for every day users. They’re designed to be used at home, by amateurs, so my hair straightening technique shouldn’t be impacting the results. (Unless you do something totally stupid, which I’m not.)

In the same way they control the heat so that you don’t burn your hair off. It’s meant to be designed for dummies.

GHD 4 VS GHD Platinum

Since experiencing this issue, I tried to log back onto the GHD website to update my review (which I left 2 weeks after buying) and they’ve removed the product. And my profile! Although I hadn’t written a complaint, it seems if you had reviewed the Platinum, they’ve just removed it and have, seemingly, updated the GHD for the Platinum +.

While I guess it’s their perogative to control their brand, it seems a bit of a dodgy thing to have done. People have the right to read reviews if they want to purchase something second hand, etc.

None the less, should you be looking into buying this GHD, it’s a great product – bar this one design flaw.

Have you had this issue as well? Please do let me know!




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