7 Ways To Save on Kylie Cosmetics Online

Thinking about buying some of Kylie Cosmetics‘ world famous products? I absolutely love the brand and have bought on numerous occasions. But, it’s not cheap in Rand, particularly because they don’t ship to South Africa – which means you’ll probably need to use a courier. If you’d like to buy some Kylie Cosmetics while savings, here are 7 ways to save on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

1. Pre New Range Savings

Just before Kylie releases a new catalog of products, you will notice that her items are likely to go on sale. Keep your eye on her site around the typical seasons spring, summer, winter and spring.

2. Sales Tab On Site

Kylie actually has a whole page dedicated to sale items which is almost permanently on site. So before you jump into buying everything at full price, take a look at the sales tab, you may be surprised to find a few treats available on half price.

3. Holiday Savings

The first time I made a purchase it was just a regular week day, which meant I received no discounts. The second time, however, I shopped on sale. And this is an American sale which means SALE!!! Up to 40% off on a bunch of items.

This meant I bought nearly double the amount of make up at 40% – HUGE SAVINGS! So now I NEVER buy makeup on a regular day and always wait for a big sale like Christmas shopping, January sales, Labour Day, etc.

If you spend $100 on a sale day at 40% off, you can get $140 worth of makeup for the same price. It’s a great way to make your poor South African money go further. Or better yet, only buy $40 worth of items, qualify for the free local delivery (to your postbox) and, essentially, get $56 worth of makeup.

There’s a big difference between one lipstick for $17.00 and one for $10.20. Sign up for the Kylie Cosmetics mailing list and they will mail you directly when things go on sale.

4. Free Local Shipping

If you spend $40 then you will get free local shipping (this means your order will go to your postbox for free). If, however, you spend $60 then you will get free international shipping – except one can no longer ship to SA as noted above.

5. Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are GREAT days to save on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Sometimes there are items up to 40% off, which can make a HUGE difference when you’re trying to buy your favourites coupled with testing new colours.

Tip: Shop before hand.

Place the items you have your eye on in your basket or wishlist ahead of time. That way, when the sale begins you can quickly, check out as all your items would have been stored in your basket/wishlist already.

6. Celebration Days

I’m calling this celebration days as events like Kylie’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Halloween aren’t public holidays, but they do present opportunities to save on the Kylie Cosmetics website! The e-comm site will often run discounted promotions over a day or two, which can help fans save on the items they have their eye on!

7. Bundles

Every month Kylie will put together either her favourite products for the month or a collection of items in a bundle format. These bundles offer a discounted price if bought as one collection.

To date I’ve bought two bundles: the KoKo Kollection 3  and the Sorta Sweet Trio. It’s a great way to get a few colours or products without over investing in shades that you aren’t certain about.

For example, I needed a Maliboo top up, but also wanted a new colour. The Sorta Sweet Trio satisfied both requests – at a discounted rate ($36 instead of $48). Same with the KK3 collection. I don’t feel I really need the lipliners, but I was curious to try them as it did look amazing on Khloe. This bundle helped me save.

PS I bought the KK3 on 4th of July so I only paid $25.60 for the bundle instead of $32, the usual asking price. 

Happy Shopping!

I absolutely love Kylie Cosmetics and haven’t regretted any of my purchases (even the ones that aren’t a perfect match), but the quality is really good and I can share with my friends. Good luck and happy shopping!




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