Save 20% on Faithful to Nature’s 13th Birthday!

Faithful to Nature is finally a teenager! The Proudly South African e-commerce store that sells all things wholesome, alternative and good is celebrating its birthday in style by spoiling EVERYONE!

What started with sending me a VERY big box of celebratory items (that I’d  mostly never tried before) and is continuing with a huge saving special for YOU! Forget that Black Friday is coming, get your Christmas or summer shopping done now with a 20% off! When you check out, type in FAITHFUL20 and save! (1 use per customer.)

So What Was In the Box?

Lots and lots of fun things! This included edibles, utensils and toiletries.

I was most excited about the sulphur free bubbly and sugarcane loo roll! I’ve been suffering from allergies since returning from the UK, so anything that keeps my sinuses clear is a win – and I’m referring to the Stellar Organics here! The sugarcane loo roll is also most welcome as I really am quite bored of the loo paper selection in this country. So bring it on!

That Mayo” which had a WHOLE lot of people sliding into my DM’s on Instagram. When I lived in London we’d eat slap chips with garlic mayo and this is hands down the closest thing I’ve had to the London treat. I was also warned it ain’t cheap – R70 a jar. But I can also say it’s the first jar of sauce that I’ve eaten half way in about 5 years (not much of a sauce gal).

Beauty Items

The little red sponge had me totally confused as it’s hard, but is meant to be used for one’s face? Again, Instagram came to the rescue assuring me that it was super soft when wet. OH! I’m also keen on the organic shea butter to help with Mr John’s excema as well as the charcoal bar. I’ve never tried the Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal – Rose Geranium soap before – so this will be another new experience for me.

Super Snacks

And then who can complain about snacks for work? Not me! How do you like the look of this biltong? Well, it ain’t meat! This is oyster mushroom biltong and it tastes super similar! There were also two packs of Choc Bombs – 100% organic superfood that’s vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Happy days for everyone! I was munching through the chocolate balls at work earlier and loving every second.

They also gifted me a large a large box of sulphate free mango strips and Raw Macadamia nut berry mix. I LOVE Macadamia nuts so I will be doing something with this in no time (or eating them raw as I do). And to top it all off, 3 chocolate-coffee chocolates (seen in collection of products above).


CBD Chocolate

Yep, CBD Chocolate gets it’s own heading because when the box landed on my desk at work EVERYONE wanted to try this! I’ve actually not had it yet because I don’t want to waste it. I’ve never consumed any CBD products so I thought I’d be a bit of a waste to just munch it all down (when I had other chocolate in the house already, I should confess haha).

Bamboo Tools

Last, but not least, we received two bamboo toothbrushes and 4 straws. I LOVE a straw and really appreciate having these. And it was really thoughtful of FTN to send us 2 toothbrushes so both Mr John and I could try them – thank you!


I’m SO happy I discovered you and will continue shopping on your awesome site. (And you can too – don’t forget to use the 20% off code!)




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