5 Simple Ina Paarman Pairings for a Braai

What started off as a joke with my friend, Dean, actually might have some legs on it. What begun as a discussion about how amazing Ina Paarman is as a South African woman and entrepreneur (Women’s month) ended up with the “Ina Paarman Saturdays!!” concept.

Ina Paarman Saturdays basically celebrates the woman, her flavours and how versatile her products are by creating a feast for friends or family. Would you be keen to turn every Saturday into Ina Paarman day?!

Our Ina Paarman Saturday

Fast forward to a few weeks later, we’re sitting on a friend’s farm in Darling with the challenge of making a delicious feast for friends. With Heritage Day fast approaching and due to the fact I would be out of the country on the actual holiday, it seemed like the perfect time to have a proudly South African braai. We grabbed a bunch of Ina Paarman products and set about making a full feast.

In Paarman Saturdays

Dean and I discussed what I’d like to make a head of time because I’ve started to love braai veggies almost more than the meat in recent years. We then got some Ina Paarman recommendations from Ina herself and got to work.

Not only did I start and maintain 3 fires all afternoon (shout out the men on this one, sho! hard work!), but we managed to get everything done before the sun set. Yum! Here’s what we created:

1. Roasted Carrots

I actually had no idea if you could roast a carrot in tinfoil, but I figured if it worked with onions and butternut, then why not? I spiced them with Ina Paarman vegetable spice, added olive oil, wrapped them up and chucked them into the fire. They came out amazingly well, decorated with touches of black char.

At this stage, the overexcitement was real and, I’ll be honest, I went slightly overboard. I added the balsamic and olive oil dressing, but then I also added Parmesan cheese (which was overkill). So, do your carrots, but keep it simple! (Keep the dressing, chuck the cheese.)

2. Pickled Onion & Avo Salad and Caesar Dressing

This was a play on one of my usual salads: pine-nut, pickled onion, avo and parmesan (stolen from Hudson’s if I’m honest). This time, we used Ina Paarman creamy Caesar dressing for a fresh element on the table.

Sadly, the pinenuts were excluded this time as I forgot to buy them! However, we added Ina Parman’s char-grilled shallots, which are part of their Antipasti range, that I didn’t even know about until Dean introduced them to me.

3. Lemon Marinaded Chicken

I love to do chicken breasts on the fire because they can be eaten on the day or used for salads, sandwiches, etc at a later stage. We used the Ina Paarman Lemon Marinade and cooked them on the fire, followed by a little basil pesto afterwards. The marinade worked really well, but I think we were a little enthusiastic to use as much as possible because it was all so delicious!

4. Beef Steaks and Barbecue Marinade

The Food Lover’s Market in my work building had a crazy sale on the week before going away. R50 for a 500g steak! So I managed to nab a couple of those, marinade them in Ina’s barbeque marinade (with chutney and tomato). Of course, what would a steak be without a classic Ina Paarman pepper sauce?! I know how to live! Yum!

5. Roasted Butternut and Vegetable Spice

One of the easiest things to make IN THE WORLD! I actually did this the night we arrived as we all poured ourselves a few toots and hung about. Butternut, olive oil, Ina Paarman vegetable spice, tin foil, done. One of the first things to put in the fire, because it takes the longest to cook, and you have something so affordable, delicious and easy to share – it should be a staple at every braai.


As you can see, I ain’t no chef! Which is why Ina Paarman is a great pairing because they give you the flavour and detail that you’d want with a meal – without actually having to know what to do yourself! (I know this cause I got a chef friend of mine to send me a recipe which I had every intention of making, but then Ina Paarman’s Caesar’s dressing came up and that went out the window. #OneDay)

Grab a few Ina Paarman products, give a new recipe a go (perhaps everyone can make 1 dish per couple) and enjoy a beautiful, sunset feast with friends – and the best part? Brownies and left overs at midnight 😉




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