The One Time I Flashed Everyone At the Met

Whenever it comes to this time of year there are 3 events that I always ignore; feeling like I’ll have MORE than enough time to deal with them NEXT year. Well, January arrives and it’s at least 3 times longer than every other month of year and these poor events just go straight out the window: Up the Creek, Queen’s Plate and The Sun Met.

While I may not be the biggest fashionista in the world, I was thinking about the Met and realised I’ve actually had some amazing experiences at the annual event. I’ve attended 3 times and something memorable has happened at all 3 of them, including…

The Time We Sat In the Main Boxes

The first year I went to the Met my best friend left me in the car park because her boyfriend was having a meltdown. So much for “ho’s before bro’s” neh? It was stinking hot and I had to walk miles to get in. To be fair, she ended up marrying to guy so I guess losing a friend was worth it!

Luckily, her sister was there; who is incredibly knowledgeable about horses. She took me up into the main building where all the real deal horse people were and enjoyed an afternoon of aircon, snacks, drinks and great views. We also placed a little bet  – it was sponsored by SunBet after all! (Apparently you’re not meant to tell who you’re betting on or you’ll lose. We did and…we lost!)

The Time We Saw Usain Bolt

I’ve realised that the best way to enjoy the Met is to go with someone who loves horses. My sister in law is really knowledgeable about horses so we went together one year. As we were chatting away about what it all means, Usain Bolt arrived in his helicopter and walked RIGHT past us. As in, we could grab his jacket if we were psycho’s. That was pretty cool!


The Time I Flashed the Whole Met

EISH. Guys, this is why I don’t go to these fancy things. I love the art of fashion, but the styling and the “being too cool for school” is JUST not me. But in an attempt to fit in, I stood on the 360 camera box, spun the camera and attempted to take my own E News Red Carpet look. Well, at the exact same time my dress blew up so my nether regions were broadcast across the Met on all the cameras broadcasting the red carpet.

This was also the year I’d left Ginger & Lime where I’d met Chef Rikku who was doing a Lay’s demonstration about cheese sauce or fondue or something tasty. I had to leave to join the Met. Next time, I might have to stay in the kitchen because I’m clearly more of a Cinderella than Princess.

The Sun Met 2020

The Sun Met 2020 will be taking place on the 1st of February 2020 at the iconic Kenilworth Racecourse. The theme for next year is African Luxury: Visionaries Visit their website for more information or head to their Facebook page.



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