I’ve Been Selected for #MyMauritius with iAmbassador!

I was so thrilled to have been included in the Mauritius Tourism Board & iAmbassador #MyMauritius trip in November. Since visiting the island last January, I have been passionate about sharing how amazing the visit had been.

Not someone much into water sports and never having considered a tropical island as a “Bucket List” destination, needless to say, Mauritius Totally exceeded my expectations.

Knowing how close the island is to South Africa (a 4 hour flight from Cape Town), I’m convinced every African is due for a visit. Being accepted into the iAmbassador program, along with 29 other bloggers from around the world, was the perfect opportunity to rekindle my love affair for Mauritius.

We spent a week learning more about the island’s practical excursions and hotels, as well as about tourism in general from the specialized speakers of the event.

Hello #MyMauritius!

The adventure began with a 11pm flight from Cape Town international. Arriving at 5am Mauritian time, there have been few better Monday mornings than driving along a silver lines beach with boats still like statues anchored in coves.

I arrived at the Four Seasonal Hotel and explored our villa. After a (too) short nap, I met my housemates! Nienke from Netherlands, Hayley from England and Sandy from India. Immediately we got on like a house on fire and began the #MyMauritius journey.

On the evening of night 1, we were all formally welcomed by the creator and owner of iAmbassador, Keith Jenkins, at a 5 star hotel called _. The moon was full, the French champagne was flowing and it felt fanatic to be surrounded by so many other like minded individuals.

On Day 3 & 4 we attended conferences with a focus on the tourism sector as well tourism content creation. Topics varied from how to use your DSLR camera to responsible tourism to tourism strategies and challenges for individual countries or cities.

It was fantastic to hear from so many well established and knowledgable representatives; I learnt SO much and will be sharing my notes soon via social media.

On day 5 & 6 I visited many beautiful sites on the West Coast including Chamarel Rum Distillery, the Severn Colored Earths and swam with wild dolphins.


While the sites were fantastic, it was also an honour to meet so many wonderful travel bloggers and content creators. In a world where Influencer marketing is at the head of the helm, it was great to find myself in a more relevant creative group.


#MyMauritius was an experience of a lifetime and one that I intend to treasure and grow from in the future.

HUGE thank you to Four Seasons, Veranda Tamarin, Mauritius Tourism and iAmbassador for the experience. I hope to see you all again in the near future.




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