After Work Hang Outs at Kong

It’s Friday and I have one location in mind – Kong. Having seen the Instagram ads, I was really surprised by my real life experience of the venue. What seemed quite pretentious and not somewhere I felt I could just go relax, have a few drinks and quality food.

Well that’s EXACTLY what Kong was and I’m really looking forward to returning (I’ve already suggested it to our company and to friends!)

My friend Rebecca and I popped in, upon their invitation, for drinks and dinner. They offered us a R800 voucher, which I really wasn’t convinced would go very far considering a bottle of wine costs R180 minimum anyway. But they had beer and wine specials, perfect for that after work tie looser-upper and we ordered a FEAST!

Kong Menu

We started off our dinner with a little risotto ball amuse bouche from the chef, which was extremely tasty and, again, not what I was expecting (fresh and delicious). The menu has a great variety of “normal”, gluten-free and vegetarian options both in sharing plates, Finger foods and main meals.

I ordered a variety of plates to get a greater sense of the menu’s strong and weak points. I was particularly happy with how many gluten free options were available. As you know, I love deep fried food, however, I’ve had to lay off the bread crumbs in recent times.

Rebecca ordered the calamari and I ordered the sticky chicken wings. They were perfectly cooked (not ashy and dry) and the salt & pepper calamari were good too. As you know, I don’t eat seafood, but the baby squid was cooked perfectly with exact seasoning seasoning and a soft crunch that makes it worth eating.

We then ordered the duck spring rolls. They were presented nicely with a shot glass of soy sauce and sesame seeds, again, delicious.

We also ordered the carpaccio which was tender, perfectly seasoned with a sriracha sauce. The pieces were a little thicker than the norm, but the flavour was all there. I loved the touch of elderflowers as well.

We ordered the potato bravas (just in case we didn’t like the food, but we were mistaken!). I also ordered 1 main and 1 dessert as I was interested in whether the consistency in food would continue – and it did.

The port was delicious with excellent crackling. The panna cotta texture was also excellent, however, the flavour was SLIGHTLY shallow for me. Sounds silly as it’s a cooked cream and isn’t meant to taste like much.

I could see the vanilla bean pods and the accompanying elements were excellent (especially the honeycomb!), the panna cotta itself just needs a touch more flavour.

The chef was kind enough to finish our meal with two little lolli’s. My favourite was the apple.

Every dish shown here along with 3 glasses of wine each totaled just under R800. Consider it a 3 course meal with 3 glasses of wine for R400, really good value and excellent food.

After dinner we moved upstairs to find an entirely new wonderland! Full jungle theme walk/lounge area, two pool tables, upstairs bar and dance floor! Mellow house beats were being played by new Cape Town favourite, Tanner, which was perfect for the cool summer evening.

Thanks so much for having us Kong! We had a blast and will definitely be back!



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